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Matthew C. Clark

Pia Toscado on "American Idol"

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I remember a few years ago they actually banned contestants from singing it because everyone was doing it! It really is a terrific showcase for a singer to show off—especially with David Foster's added touches that Celine made famous!


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There´s propably something wrong with me (too old-fashioned), but I´ve never liked singers interpretations of really famous songs, where they are playing with their voices. Why can´t they let the melody and music flow. They could show their voice in much impressive way.

  It feels like 1) they can´t sing and hide correct singing behind this voicejumping-thing 2) they don´t feel confident with the original version and "spoil" it with this voice-acrobatics or something else. So sad. The girl in this video is absolutely very pretty :) 

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