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Ron Sutton

New CD releases (Un- Released Songs)

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Looks like all four of Eric's Arista releases are being re-released in Cardboard sleeves as blu- spec CD]s in Japan.

I've not seen full track listings, but from what Ive seen, they contain some previously unreleased live tracks, See Below.

Also some Instrumental tracks and demos.   

I'll  post more as I find out. Also release dates are set for Aug 26 2015 in Japan.

She Did It (Original Demo) (Bonus Material)


Marathon Man (Instrumental String Mix) (Bonus Material)


A Temporary Hero (Demo) (Bonus Material)


Love Is All That Matters (Piano & Strings Instrumental) (Bonus Material)


Boats Against the Current (Single Version w. Backing Vocals) (Bonus Material)


Marathon Man (Live at Budokan) (Bonus Material)


All By Myself (Live at Budokan) (Bonus Material)


Change Of Heart (Original 1975 Demo) (Bonus Material)


Inside Story (Live at Nakano Sunplaza) (Bonus Material)


Overnight Sensation (Hit Record) (Live at Nakano Sunplaza) (Bonus Material)


Tonight Youre Mine (Live at Nakano Sunplaza) 


Foolin Myself (Single Edit) (Bonus Material)



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I wonder if this is in conjunction with the re-mastering of Eric's solo albums for release in the U.S. or ?

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Do you suppose Eric sells better in Japan than the U.S.?  As Lucy would say, "I want my fair share!"

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