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Hi EC,

Any suggestions how I can inspire my 21yr old Daughter to start playing her piano again ? The only spark I have seen lately from her was when she saw you playing your piano on You Tube. She is very gifted and can play a tune by ear, never had a lesson.


cynthiaalma :^)

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Hi Mary Ellen,

 Thank you for liking my recent post. I'm at a loss to inspire my Daughter as you read. I had bought her a nice piano for a Graduation gift and she sat down and started playing Stairway to Heaven. My Husband and I were shocked! Dana, my Daughter has always been exposed to music, her Dad plays guitar, anything with strings! All was going good for her until she lost her drivers license until this August! I feel bad for her. friends, ( if you want to call them that) don't bother with her. One day last week I was on You Tube watching  Eric playing "All by myself" and Dana came into the living room excited asking me, Mom who is that? I told her that is Eric Carmen. I know Eric has children of his own and wanted to ask him if he had any tips to renew her love of piano.

Have a good :)  day!


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Hey, Cynthiaalma ---

Perhaps if you tell her that music is such a great outlet for one's feelings and emotions, and that some of the best musicians have natural talent, like your daughter does.  Challenge her to create a song, create lyrics, play around on the piano with a tape recording device to play back what she comes up with since she is so good doing things by hearing.  If it sounds like a fun challenge to her, perhaps she could also get your husband to accompany her, with her being the lead for everything he is to do for her --- just let her create and he could manifest what she suggests.

Mr. Carmen has stated before that he was trying to translate what he was doing on the piano into something equitable on the guitar.  I found that a fascinating way of thinking about transferring song writing from one instrument and onto another.

If something is fun, that is a BIG plus.  When something is tedious, we lose interest.  Helping to make it fun and an attractive challenge for her creative outlet could go far to getting her started again.

One other story --- "You Decorated My Life" that was recorded by Kenny Rogers was a song that a housewife came up with, if I remember correctly.  Just a regular person coming up with something like that and having a recording artist like it enough to do it ---that could lead to other opening doors of experience and excitement in life.


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