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Waiting on Spring!

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I feel ya and have cabin fever this week too. In the 60s-70s here in N.O. but we're having a lot of rain every day. BTW, Welcome to the EC family. (-:


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Welcome to the EC community Cynthiaalma ,I'm lucky though it already feels like spring in British Columbia because I've noticed that the birds are chirping,the beautiful flowers are starting to grow, the weather warming up a little bit and thank goodness it isn't raining so much around here right now---Tammy Quick

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Hello Cynthiaalma!

Up until this week, we were definitely having cabin fever here in MN! This week, however it has been beautiful! Our snow has

melted! It is basketball tournament time here in MN - which has been known to be "blizzard time" some years! Son no longer plays basketball, but his school's team has been doing well this year, so we have been heading out of town for some tournament games in

support! Fun to see all of the excitement!(and visit with parents of kids still playing!).

My husband and I took a hike at a state park and watched a big frozen waterfall start to melt in the sunshine! I hope I'm not

on here next week saying winter's back....(anything's possible unfortunately!)

Welcome and let's hope for a great spring for everyone!



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