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Little Queenie Live

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Bernie - I remember once you posted an audio link to a Raspberries gig in which they did a fantastic version of Little Queenie.  I remember commenting on it at the time.  I'd really love to hear it again if you could see your way clear? :mellow:

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There are two Live versions of Little Queenie that have been available. One is from the final 1975 Agora show the other is from a private show for execs ( as I recall). The Agora recording is not quite as high quality as the private show BUT the performance of the 75 show is out of this world. Wally had the guitar snarling like a monster that night. GATW from the same show is the best live version I have ever come across.

Would love to see the entire 75 show posted. The 73 and 74 Agora shows are widely available.

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