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Brand New Year On Air Yesterday in NY

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Beautifully done,


I just watched & heard someone's upload of "Brand New Year" on Youtube with pics of different setups for "2013", --- kinda like what Sesame Street used to do for numbers--- very well done.  Maybe they could start using this on New Years INSTEAD of "Auld Lang Syne".  Mr. Carmen's song is a better choice I think. 


I always thought the most well known arrangement (Guy Lombardo instrumental ?) for Auld Lang Syne done at New Years sounded a little drunkenly slurred.  Not very uplifting. (Come to think of it, neither is a grown man wearing a baby bonnet in a diaper with a chest ribbon stenciled with the new year's number on it. . .  ::yikes::  ) YIKES!!


6  6

__/          AnneNR

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