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Chi-town Carmen Chatter

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So, I had a thought to call our (Chicago's) biggest oldies station, 94.7, the other day, and let them know that Eric's CD was now available and that they should be playing new mixes of "All By Myself", "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again" and "Go All The Way".  


Well, guess what?


Today, at about 5:30, I was driving in the car and they played "Go All The Way" and after the song was done, the deejay said "Raspberries featuring Eric Carmen...hey, I hope everyone has heard about Eric Carmen's new Essential CD, that has "Go All The Way", "Let's Pretend", "All By Myself" and many other great hits all remixed." The news girl said, "I want one, are you going to buy it?"  and the deejay said "buy it? I'm gonna steal our boss's copy and he can buy another one."


Well, alright!



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