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Happy Birthday, Eric ! *Aug. 11*

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Happy Birthday, Eric!  I hope you have a joyous day, and wish you all the best in the upcoming year --may it be glorious!  As always, thank you ever so much for sharing your many talents with us --they make all our single days very special.



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:birthday: :birthday:Wishing for you the Happiest of Birthday’s,   :birthday: :birthday:


with all Happiness and Fulfillment you can possibly handle :king:.   


and many, many more Birthdays to follow!  ;)

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Eric, let's just cut to the chase. I made the following offer out loud in the presence of my high school friends in 1972, and it still stands 41 years later: I'd like to take your pants off...with my teeth.


Okay now, please don't be offended by my saucy humor. As a behavioral health professional in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, I'm aware of the importance of wit and playfulness AND MUSIC on the development of the loving and joyful brain.


So, I am deeply grateful for the abundant joy your songs have brought me over the years. Please know that your music has impacted my and many, many folks' lives, and is still a rich blessing to me every time I play a song.


With sincere gratitude from my heart (and my brain)...happy birthday.

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