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NASCAR Racing Fantasy League

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Thank you, Sweet Suzanne. It has indeed been fun, and now we have the Playoff segment upon us. It's 10 weeks long, which is pretty amazing — these drivers have a LOOOONG season.

I like the way Yahoo designed its NASCAR game, especially the challenge of rationing starts for drivers. I just checked yours, Suzanne, and you and I have been thinking alike — we both have only one Dale Jr. start, only one Biffle start, and not Casey Mears starts. And splitting the field into three levels is a good way to do it; it keeps the playing field pretty level — keeps us from trying to ride a hot driver for too long.

Anyway, see you at the track. :-)

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It's been VERY educational AND influential for me.....so much so I now only turn left while driving, have replaced my middle name with "Bob" and hop into my car THROUGH the open window. I am also in talks with the publishers of the DSM IV as a corporate sponsor (along with Booyah fishing gear). wink

In truth...it has been a ton of fun, even if I don't quite understand all the nuances involved.

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So... who wants to fire up their engines? I just sent invitations to Pat, Muzza, Bundles, and Marlene. I need e-mail addresses from Suzanne, Paulie, and John. I accidentally sent one to Tom (Keith Nivan) --- I swore you played last year but after seeing this thread, I realize you didn't. That said, come on in!

Doggone it, not only did Yahoo decide not to archive last season (other than virtual trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd), but my reports here tailed off toward the end of the season. But we do know from the aforementioned trophies that John came in 2nd, narrowly missing my league leading total by just two points, and BH Pat surged into 3rd place after a tough start.

(Pat, Muzza, Bundles, and Marlene, let me know if you DIDN"T get an invite; I'm hoping I used your current addresses.)


Commissioner LC

PS: So now we have Raspberries fantasy leagues not only in baseball, football, and NASCAR but in basketball and hockey (both commissioned by Pat). There's no truth to the rumor that Pat is getting set to start a Raspberries Golf Association. Or is there?

PPS: The hottest driver so far this season: Danica Patrick. She also got the pole position for next Sunday's Daytona race.

(Jokes welcome!)

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Raspberries NASCAR owners:

Add-Drop deadline this week is March 15 at 5 a.m. EDT, so get to it. In fact, do it on the 14th just to be safe.


Food City 500

Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, TN

Sunday March 17, 2013, 1:13 pm

Friday March 15, 2013

Laps: 500

Track Length: 0.53 miles

Race Length: 267 miles

2012 Champion: Brad Keselowski

Fantasy Deadline: Mar 15 5:00am EDT

Now, let's catch up with the new season.

Week 1 winner: Paulie Mississippi's Great Expectations with 208 points. Runner-up Pat's Drivin' ARounds with 188.

Week 2 winner: Our defending champion, er, me. My Long Hot Days team scored 276, narrowing topping the 275 posted by Blackhawk Pat and a new team, Victorious Secret, run by Pat's daughter.

Week 3 winner: Blackhawk Pat again, with 312 huge points. In second: Victorious Secret with 296, just ahead of Tom's VOX Populi's 294.

Not surprisingly, our suddenly NASCAR-obsessed friend Pat is leading the standings with 587. Victorious Secret has 571, the VOX have 547, my squad has 528, and Suzanne's Go All the Ways have 503. Laying back and waiting to make their move are Paulie (497), John's RickeyBobbyBooyahs (462), and Muzza's Muzzman team, 447.

Sweet Lew Bundles is taking the season off while he rebuilds his cars.

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Catching up on NASCAR...

• Suzanne (you know her here as December25) just smoked the rest of us this past weekend, piling up 324 points to beat Blackhawk Pat's 319 and my own 309. Suzanne correctly forecast the first- and second-place drivers at the Auto Club 400 (Kyle Busch and Dale Earnhardt Jr.) in pushing her "Go All the Way" team into first. Outstanding!

• The week before, our winner was the team known as "Victorious Secret," run by Sarah (one of Pat's recruits, though we haven't reeled her into this site yet). In scoring a season-high total of 338 points, Sarah hit on two Top 5 drivers (Kyle Busch, 2nd, and Brad Keselowski, 3rd) at the Food City 500. She also had two other drivers in the Top 15: Martin Truex Jr. (12th) and AJ Allmendinger (13th).

Suzanne and Sarah are the only two women in the league (we miss Marlene!), but they're showing the guys how it's done! We haven't had a guy win an event since March 10, when BH Pat did the trick. Way to go, girls!

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After a week off, NASCAR resumes this weekend, so... set your lineups, gang. Early morning deadline, April 5 (Friday), so don't wait. The details:

STP Gas Booster 500

Martinsville Speedway in Ridgeway, VA

Sunday April 7, 2013, 1:13 pm

Race 6 of 36 on the Sprint Cup Circuit

Qualifying: Friday April 5, 2013

Laps: 500

Track Length: 0.53 miles

Race Length: 263 miles

2012 Champion: Ryan Newman

Fantasy Deadline: Apr 5 5:00am EDT

Personally, this is exciting.... I hope we expand next year, though it's pretty cool that we got eight owners back this season. We're hoping we can reenlist Lew Bundles, for one.

Blackhawk Pat, who 18 months ago wasn't sure which direction the cars went on a NASCAR track and who sputtered through the first half of last season, caught fire in the middle of the season and made a run up the standings into (I think) 3rd place. This season, he picked up where he left off and is leading the pack. Yet the standings are pretty close. In fact, we've had five different winners so far in the five races. The one big surprise might be Muzza's drivers choking up on him; you've been snake-bitten so far, my friend, but your guys will come around....

Standings so far:

1. Drivin' Arounds (BHPat): 1,142 points (1 win)

2. Long Hot Days (LC): 1,131 points (1 win)

3. VOX! Popular (Tom, aka Keith Nivan): 1,113 points

4. Victorious Secret: 1,110 points (1 win)

5. Go All the Way (Suzanne, aka December25): 1,073 (1 win)

6. Great Expectations (Paulie): 1,053 points (1 win)

7. RickeyBobbyBooyahs (John, aka Angelina): 1,049 points

8. Muzzman (Muzza): 890 points

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Don't forget to update your rosters by 5 a.m. Friday (that's U.S., East Coast time, Muzza!)

Don't forget -- update your team for the next race!

NRA 500

Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, TX

Saturday April 13, 2013, 7:46 pm

Race 7 of 36 on the Sprint Cup Circuit

Qualifying: Friday April 12, 2013

Laps: 334

Track Length: 1.50 miles

Race Length: 501 miles

2012 Champion: Greg Biffle

Fantasy Deadline: Apr 12 5:00am EDT

I'll update standings here later -- gotta run!

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You did it! You became the first one in our league to win a second week this season.

Suzanne's key to victory last week at the NRA 500 in Fort Worth was her selection of Kyle Busch, who won the race and led for 171 laps. She also tabbed Joey Logano (5th) and Kevin Harvick (13th), giving her a runaway lead. Her 290 points topped our No. 2 owner (me) by 28 points. I had 262, John Booyah had 259, and Tom (Keith Nivan here) had 258. Our New Zealand friend Muzza dropped slightly from the week before (252, down from 262) but the good news is, he's turning things around after a rough start. Meanwhile, our biggest NASCAR fan, Paulie Mississippi has been on a sliding scale the past three weeks: 302 to 262 to 240. Is this the week he turns things around and gets into the win column?

Blackhawk Pat, meanwhile, hit his first wall of the young season, scoring only 222 points, which sent him from 1st place down to 3rd in our standings. Here's how they look now:

1. Long Hot Days (LC): 1,672 points (1 win)

2. VOX! Popular (Tom, aka Keith Nivan): 1,665 points

3. Drivin' Arounds (BHPat): 1,645 points (1 win)

4. Victorious Secret: 1,644 points (1 win)

5. Go All the Way (Suzanne, aka December25): 1,625 (2 wins)

6. RickeyBobbyBooyahs (John, aka Angelina): 1,609 points (1 win)

7. Great Expectations (Paulie): 1,563 points (1 win)

8. Muzzman (Muzza): 1,409 points

By the way, we miss having Lew Bundles and Sweet Marlene.... I'm send you both invitations again, just in case.... Better late than never, right? And you can still shoot to win weeks and the next two segments. (No pressure, though....)

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All of us better watch out for Blackhawk Pat, by the way. I posted this on the board of our just-completed hockey league, where Pat kicked my a$$ in the finals, 6-1:

Blackhawk Pat is truly on a roll. After going several seasons in search of that elusive first fantasy championship, this year he has won two basketball leagues and two hockey leagues — all in the space of two weeks. I better look out for you in baseball! And I'm off to my typical slow start -- always the tortoise. :-)

What has gotten into you, Pat? Wheaties? A new strategy? Good luck?

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