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Better "Late" Than Never

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Hi Everyone,

I am fairly new here, but I have been fairly active with nearly 500 posts in 2 months. Good grief!

My name is Jean and I chose my name "Late to the Party" since I am late in discovering the fabulousness of Raspberries and Eric's music. When GATW came out, I was 12 and all I knew was that it was a very sexy song but I LOVED it. While the Raspberries were recording I was pretty much in the dark; I don't recall hearing anything but GATW on LA radio. I knew about Eric Carmen's solo career, but the magic happened when I connected the dots; that Eric was that same voice of the Raspberries. I went on to be a major nerd; I own everything he ever recorded Raspberries, solo...yes, I own the Marathon Man book (& on Smashwords too since I could NOT WAIT to get the actual book LOL) and the Overnight Sensation Book...and, of course, the big LOSS package... :blink:

That's what brought me here..making sure I got it all. The lyrics section was always my favorite part of the website and then I started reading all these forums and I learned so much! I enjoyed Eric's insights about his career and craft. This place became both an addiction and a second home as I really enjoy ALL of the music. I also love how all the members bring a special flavor; I learn so much from all of you. :wub:

It's tough for me to pick my favorite of anything Raspberries because the entire catalog is perfection (IMHO). As for Eric's solo stuff, I love his debut LP and Tonight You're Mine (I love his rocking stuff). After learning that Boats is to be listened to in reverse order, it is a new listening experience for me..but I need to be in a reflective mood for it.

When I am not spending way too much time on this website, I work as an RN in the Houston area and care for my 21 year old very sweet, but autistic son. I have a daughter who is living her dream in graduate school in Geneva. I enjoy MUSIC, travel, reading and escaping mentally as often as possible.

A special thanks to all of you out there that have made me feel welcome here. And to Bernie .. for creating something GOOD in this website.

:) Jean

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