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Hello from Western Canada

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Music is my passion - and while I don't recall when that passion actually began, I do recall the first song that truly moved me: "No Matter What", by Badfinger.

I lived most of my life in Montreal, and then moved to Calgary in 1998. During my years in Mtl, I was in many bands, and in more than one with Andy (Bahoo). We were Raspberries fans and shared that musical love that no one else seemed to understand.

I work in the Communications (written) field for my company, and have been blessed with a wonderful wife and two amazing children who also have the same musical passion as I have, albeit for not necessarily the same type of music.

Life has taught me many lessons, none more important than to take care of those around you, and to let peace and love be your guide. Raspberries have brought me both in spades.

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