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R.I.P. Angelo Dundee

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I was blessed to meet the great Angelo Dundee in 2002 in Las Vegas! Let me rephrase that.....I got the opportunity to watch him work as a corner man!! I was so fixated on him that I could not focus on the fight!! I am truly saddened by his passing!!

Big Oops!! I just got off the phone with Tommie who corrected me and my recollection. We met Angelo Dundee at the Rumble by the River (Michael "Second to" Nunn vs James "Lights Out" Toney). Angelo was the trainer for Michael Nunn. And Tommie did Color Guard that night! Both of us were on ESPN and TVKO. Of course Tommie was center ring. As for me, I was on the sidelines as Michael exited the ring. We exchanged some words. I did not know about being on TV anywhere until my Sister called me that night and told me what I wore to the event. To this day, I've never seen it.


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