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A VERY Important Message!

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I don't think the orginal Lips video is that

bad. Sort of fit in with alot of the videos from that time period. But it is nice that there are two different videos for that song.


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Hi Adverturine..you are so sweet to try to help us..I know about all those great demos; but it sounds like we missed lots of other stuff cry Although I clicked and clicked all over, I must have been a very bad girl because I only found 2...Many of us are still hoping for a second chance soon!! praypraypray Jean

Monica, Jeanne, and other bad boys and girls

who couldn't get the present of from Santa! wink

Santa left only one present for you!

Toppage -> Press -> Multimedia -> Audio

...you could get #4 Straight Time and some other demos.

Or Search this keyword by Google.

"straight time eric carmen"

You'll get it here.

Good luck! heartpump

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The acoustic version of GATW sounds like a re-edited version of the rehearsal version from 2000 but without Jim's thundering drums at the end. Is the Jim version the original or is this new release the original?


That vocal rehearsal was actually from Raspberries FIRST (unofficial) reunion on March 24, 1999! It was the first time the four boys had played the song since the '70s, so they were trying to work out the harmonies.


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