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Tony Cartmill

Paging Bernie!

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Wouldn't it be great if we found out that Eric is working on some musical aspect of the new Footloose remake or the just announced Dirty Dancing remake?

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It would be awesome, whatever he does.

I hope he does a few appearances where he makes a guest appearance on someone's show. If he can next year, there's always that huge show that is done at Coachella, near Palm Springs, Ca.

Paul McCartney, Prince, Duran Duran have all performed there.

And by next summer, it would be great to see him singing at the olympics, joining some of his friends if they play. Like Ringo and Paul McCartney.

Can you imagine how we all would be watching, and Eric comes out with a new song? With double drumming, at the same time, by Ringo and Jim Bonfanti? They've done multiple piano players playing at the same time before.

A little inspired now.

Piano and voice to begin:

(Bb) A song for you

A song for (Eb) two

This song I sing to wherever you (Bb) are

(Bb) Games of choice. Here is a (Eb) voice

Cheering you on. I want you to let you (Bb) know

(Bb) Here is your chance. This is the (Eb) dance

And (Ebm) one day, you will be (Bb) known

You're all on your (Eb) own, now. (F)

[Then drums begin]

(Bb) The years to this stage

You've given your (Eb) heart

Bursting with speed from every (Bb) start

(Bb) Giving your all

Turning a (Eb) page

Standing so (Ebm) tall

Defying the (Bb) age

(Bb) All of the winners

Want to go (F) on

Nothing but (Ebm) effort

To call upon (Bb)

And you're all on your (Eb) own, now (F) (Bb)

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