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Joan Jet lawsuit

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From the article: *But the lawsuit says the independent Main Man Records label used their names to promote the album without their say-so and that a Main Man staffer who once worked at Jett's record label used that connection to imply the project had her blessing.*

Or perhaps common courtesy would dictate that they be asked that their names be used and their blessing given before it is "implied", so someone else came make a buck while clinging tightly to their (The Runaways) coat-tails.

Artists get sick and tired of this stuff. Good for them to sue! One too many a "nobody" tries to pass something off as a "tribute" and implies the artist backs them on said project when instead the artist doesn't even know. Pitiful as the NOBODY could never be an ANYBODY all by themself. So they hang on tight and PRETEND to be SOMEBODY.

As for songs sounding better than the originals. Don't know. I think Joan has COOL "pipes". And Cherie is a personal friend of mine, and I've sang with her many a time in her living room. Sometimes I stop...just to listen to her ROCKIN' voice!

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I think Joan and Cherie are afraid that the songs on the tribute album will sound better than the originals...which IMO won't be hard to do.

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IMHO nobody can beat this one.


PS: Lita rocking out on that solo!

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Her Joanness is so right to sue!! Call it a tribute if you want to, but don't link her name to without her permissions.

Back in the early days of Rap, people sampled James Brown like crazy. So much so that he had to say this in rap of his own...

All you copycats out there

Thinkin you got pull

Better get my voice off your records

Until I'm paid in full

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