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second moon

Log In Was Finally Done (^o^)

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On Mother's Day

To Angela

I did not have the day when your thing was not thought during this month.

First of all, I want to say.

I do not understand English so much.

As for Eric, I who has only gotten uncertain fragmentary information know on

the net and am a fan of sad, lonely Eric in me.

I want you to transmit surely my feelings.

Please read.

It is family's suffering that I thought first by knowing the divorce by

Eric's post.

Because having become a divorce was bad Eric, I thought that it was a

consequence of its deeds in him.

Your husband did very it bad.

Angela you have unshaken, deep love in such a thing yet.

Such you are very respected.

However, is Eric very painful in love of Angela possibly?

Because Eric is too awful...

And, Do because it wants just to run away from painful of that?

I'm sorry.

However, I listen to Eric CD even so every day every night as one of the fans I want to see Eric who sings in the concert.

I also have your boy and almost the same girl and the boy.

It is being helped by children though there is painful of me full...

I'm sending a lot of minds a lot of you.

There are a lot of people of same feelings as me.

So that you and your child may smile (^_-)

From "second moon" new member

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second moon....."you are too sure welcomed to be as Eric pains in the heart to express such valued booyah feelings." ;)

Don't worry about your english...because ec's music communicates throughout the world. Please, please keep posting...and let us know your first language.



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Second Moon, we are all so glad that you are a new member!!! Don't worry that English is not your primary language, many people here will read your post and understand the feelings that you shared!!! Please keep posting and give us a chance to get to know you and you will get to know us!!!

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I was just waiting for Tony's response to this post.

And, as usual, he didn't disappoint. :D

Welcome, second moon!

...And, don't worry, we can't comprehend most of Tony's posts, :o either!

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I had sent mail how many it was direct to the address of "Contact us" before it became a member (It was read or though it did not savvy (>_<)).

As much as it and me

It is because the person is the same trowing it gets acquainted with the person who was Eric's fan 30 years ago on the net.

We have only the memory of beautiful Eric 30 years ago.

Suddenly in 30 years.

!Eric was Raspberries.

!Eric became elderly person Raspberries.

!Eric has grown old.

(Is there still something?)

It was pointed at a time.

What I know about Eric is very few.

The person who knows Eric well therefore might say, "Second moon ..the misunderstanding deflecting..".

I'm sorry therefore.

However, I listen while loving Eric CD and crying every evening though I am it.

However, Eric.

Because it says clearly so and it gives it up when no concert (It is not Raspberries) never any longer sells new CD and DVD that the concert image is beautiful or is wonderful.

And, I go to the concert of boyz 2 men that will be done in this vicinity on August 6.

And, I listen to It's hard to say goodbye to yesterdary thinking of Eric and cry bitterly (ToT).

However, if it is not so

To attend a concert to buy DVD to buy Eric's CD, money is saved up.

It looks forward (I do not go to boyz 2 men).

Some you

Welcome thank you for saying me.

(^o^)/..coming here... show courage by me

I read sentences while consulting the dictionary and am writing.

I am embarrassed occasionally (>_<) because it uses the word not recorded for the dictionary however not considered.

However, it does unabashedly (^_^).

Only because of people who like Eric music.

I do not understand my first language well (When laughing) either.

What about second moon's papers??

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Hi Second moon.

I wish I could find someone to translate this into Japanese, perhaps you can use on online translator or have a friend translate it. I don't know how much you'll understand.

I read your first post within a few minutes after you posted it and now this one. What I would like to say is, please remember that when it comes to a divorce no one knows the whole story but the two people involved. Divorce happens, that's just a fact. It doesn't necessarily mean one or the other person is at fault.

Also, please remember that no one is perfect and sometimes fans tend to expect more from their idols than they should do. Every one of us has had "mess ups" in life, but that doesn't mean we're bad people. And really, Eric's private life should be separate from his public life.

I would like you to know that I have had the pleasure of meeting Eric in 2007, and spent a few hours talking with him. I found him to be very funny and extremely personable. He was also very kind to many of his fans that night. And from his posts on this site, I find him to be highly intelligent and that he likes, no, loves to debate. Many of us love to debate with him. It's a win, win situation. :)

I'm sure you wish the best for Eric, so, enjoy his music, and in the meantime perhaps if he posts more, you'll see what a unique individual he is. Maybe oneday soon, if we're lucky enough, he'll play a concert, and you too will get a chance to meet him and find out how very, very, did I mention - very, sweet he is, even today as I'm sure he was years ago.

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I enjoyed reading your post. It reminds me of my first ones. I was very new, very shy and in wonderment that there was an Eric Carmen website! I felt like I found a home and you will too. Read Wendy's post and take it to heart. She is right in every word of it. Don't be sad. Eric and his beautiful family will be alright.

It is very obvious that you are a devoted fan of Eric and Raspberries. That is wonderful! You have great musical taste!

When Raspberries broke up a long long time ago (38 years ago?)

we waited 32 years to see them in concert again. We dreamed about it and believed it would happen and it did!!! That was absolutely MAGIC for all of us.

We are sad also that there are no concerts now, but I never give up. I never surrender (if you are looking in an English dictionary). I never give in! I keep hoping, wishing and praying, and it always works!

If you want to buy Raspberries' Live on Sunset Strip, try eBay. Someone may be selling one you can buy. Or maybe someone here has an extra one that they can send you. It is a phenomenal (TERRIFIC, GREAT) cd!

Cry because the music is so beautiful (I sometimes do!), but don't cry about no concerts, because you never know. It will happen some day. I feel sure it will again. And for now, we do have cds, videos and even records to remember with until it does. Maybe someday Eric will even write new music. That's a very very fond dream of mine. Like I said, I don't give up. NOT EVER! It will happen.

So, in the meantime, enjoy being here. A lot of your English is understandable. And you'll get used to the language communicating here. Here you will find people who love the music, love Eric and Raspberries and will love you too.

Good Luck and keep posting!

:)--Love, Darlene

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I perfectly understood your sentences.

It reached my mind directly because the mind had shut oneself up very very much.

The dictionary was unnecessary.

The opinion of my Eric's crime and divorce doesn't change.

It is very painful.

However, It agreed with your opinion.

Every one of us has had "mess ups" in life,but that doesn't mean we're bad people..... It is very persuasive.

Very wonderful sentences.

And you and Eric's photographs.

It is ..nice couple..beautiful. Very wonderful.

You are an actress and Eric is like the fan.

You are very lovely.(^_-)

Thank you,wonderful message.

And I'm sorry.

When thinking of Eric, I:.

It is high school girl's mind. I think it is childish.


Thank you..true..

I this situation why

Though it doesn't understand whether it is "Eric and his beautiful family will be alright"

However,if you say so, it is relieved.

Your sentences also touched me as much as it of Wendy.

I hardly know anything as for Eric and Raspberries.

However, I only love CD recently.

I thought that Eric was liked from darlene and Wendy very very much.

Thanky you.

It listens to SUNSET STRIP too much..possession already...


Keep saying.

Not to grow old...to Eric.

After that,please say this.

Do not play a game about Super Mario within 30minutes.

(Was it listened to his Cartoon World?)


I will try to the following post.

Is it good?

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Hi Second Moon.

I can't believe that you were here today as I was finally able to get what I first posted translated, so I'm still going to post it for you anyway. :)

Thank you for your kind words and please let me stress, I know as a fan you want your idol to never do anything wrong and always be able to look at him like a young girl does with "stars in her eyes," as we would say. But we all do grow up and grown up things include lots of ups and downs and many heartbreaks and painful choices as well as decisions.

So as I stated, enjoy the music that Eric has given the world and rejoice in all the wonderful memories you have of him and dream of new ones that could happen in the future. I am one who tries to be as positive as possible because, one never knows what the future holds.

Here is the first translation:

Anatano hajime no toukou wo yonde, betsuno toukou mo yomimashita. Oboeteite kudasai, Rincon-suru koto ha muzukashii desu. Daremo futari no kimochi ha wakarimasen. Toki doki Rincon ha okorimasu. Futari dake ga kimeru koto ga dekimasu. Daredemo shippai ha shimasu. Rincon ha dochiraka ga warui wake de ha arimasen. Oboeteite kudasai, kanpekina hito ha imasen. Toki doki fan ha idoru (idol) ni ippai kitai shimasu. Daredemo machigai ha arimasu. Eric no shisei katsu to shigoto ha betsu betsu desu.

Watashi ha 2007 ni Eric to aukoto ga dekimashita. 2 jikan gurai, kare to hanasu koto ga dekimashita. Kare ha tanoshikute, yasashikatta desu. Sono toki, kare ha fan ni yasashikatta desu. Kare ha kashikokute hanashi au koto ga suki desu.

Kore ha ottagai ni totte, yoi chansu desu. Kare no ongaku wo tanoshide, moshi kare ga motto toukou wo sureba anatano kangae ha kawaru to omoimasu. Moshi lucky dattara, itsuka kare no concerto de kare ni au koto ga dekite, soshite kare no yoi seikaku ga wakaru deshou. Mukashi mo ima mo kare ha yasashii desu.

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Welcome, Second Moon,

.....and thanks for your lovely message.

I loved my experiences in Japan and look forward to going back someday, perhaps to perform. I love your culture, your country and your people.



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Thank you for even translating.

It is transmitted very perfectly that you try to tell me Eric is a very good person so much.

However, you are a person who is better than Eric.

Thank you.


When does Eric do the concert in Japan?

I am waiting seriously.

Please announce officially when details are decided.

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