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"'Berrify" EC's Solo Stuff

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It's been discussed often about the Raspberries doing any of EC's solo stuff ever, (aside from ticket sales) I've always looked at it from a point of what songs would musically benefit from the groups styling and personalities as opposed to just being a back up band.

For instance, I don't think they could add much to "Boats", as it's such a solo performance home run. EC does all the heavy lifting on that one.

"That's Rock and Roll" yes, musically, "No Hard Feelings" yes nostagically.

I threw out a long time ago that I thought "Top Down Summer" could actually be a 'berries summer single, with Wally's guitar, Jim's real drums, and the dubs harmonies kicking it up a notch or two. Still do. Killer radio melody and arrangements.

I have a new thought for a live audience. EC's positive tribute to Eltons more somber "Funeral for a Friend" ... "Sunrise"

I haven't heard "Sunrise" forever until today and I'm going to add it to the list of at least a fun live Raspberries song. That's either an opener or a closer. I forgot how much that thing jams at the end, Wally would have an absolute field day with the last couple minutes and Jim would be drenched in sweat, EC standing at the piano banging the keys.. how fun.


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