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Raspberries Rankings: Your Top 10

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Les R.   


2. Let's Pretend

3. Drivin' Around

4. I Wanna Be With You

5. Overnight Sensation

6. Don't Wanna Say Goodbye

7. I Can Remember

8. Ecstasy

9. Waiting

10. Cruisin' Music

As great as all of this music is, Eric was able to eclipse his talent which made the Raspberries famous with just the first 2 albums of his solo career, and IMO "She Did It" was the crowning pinnacle of his success. 1977 was a real watershed year for music in general.

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Great job LC! It's interesting to see the way they came in. Everyone has a divergent opinion on most things, but there was way more agreement on the top 10 than I ever thought there would be.

Great idea, great thread! Thanks! (And great meeting you in New York too!)

:) --Darlene

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