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Poor Girls - 60's girls rock band from Akron, OH

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I recently ran into some information that I found to be quite interesting. An all girls group from the 60's was called "The Poor Girls". They were out of Akron, OH. That was a unique combination as they were not the typical all girls singing group ala Supremes, Chiffons,Shirelles, etc. These girls played all the instruments and were very accomplished.

One of the girls from the band was named Susan Schmidt Horning. Sue is now a professor of history at St. John's University in New York after getting a PHD from Case Western Reserve. Here are her credentials:

Assistant Professor


St. John Hall, Room 244-N

Queens campus

Phone: (718) 990-6928


Educational Background

Ph.D. Case Western Reserve University

B.A., M.A. The University of Akron


Professor Schmidt Horning came to St. John’s University in 2007 after teaching at The Cleveland Institute of Art and Case Western Reserve University, where she took her Ph.D. in 2002. She specializes in history of technology and science and 19th- and 20th- century United States cultural history. She teaches courses in postwar U.S. history, media and technology, and global history since 1500. Her research has been supported by the National Science Foundation, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the American Association of University Women, and the Association for Recorded Sound Collections. Her current research focuses on the interplay between technology, sound engineering and collaborative creativity in the music recording industry in the mid-twentieth century. Prof. Schmidt Horning is completing her first book, Chasing Sound: Recording Studios in America, to be published by Johns Hopkins University Press, and her essays have appeared in Music and Technology in the Twentieth Century (2002), The Electric Guitar: A History of an American Icon (2004), and in the journals ICON and Social Studies of Science

Her soon to be published book "Chasing Sound: Recording Studios in America" sounds like a great book that is forthcoming! It says she specializes in history of technology and science and sound engineering. It sounds really exciting. It should be interesting her slants on things like "Pet Sounds" and Brian Wilson and all the other recording techniques like double tracking ala Leslie Gore, etc.

Another member of the group was Debbie Smith who is now an attorney in Akron. Does anyone remember this group of very talented young ladies? Did you ever hear them play?


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Back in November 2008 at the University of Massachusetts Lowell they had a conference:

4th International Art of Record Production Conference

If you scroll about 3/4 of the way down these attached photos you will see a photo of Dr. Susan Schmidt Horning. I am sure she had a lot of really cool info to impart at that conference with all of her research into studio recordings.




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