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Captain - Oh, I agree 100%! All I'm saying is - in the case of many of the custom shop models (Gibson and Fender), you're getting a very customized, not-just-off-the-assembly-line model, which may or may not be to your personal liking. I've played cheap, made in Mexico teles that I thought played and sounded better than my old early Gatton signature model (which I unfortunately sold about 4 weeks before Danny killed himself...at which point, it became at least twice as valuable, regardless of how it played or sounded!) The specs are totally meaningless if you're not comfortable with the axe. My post above was just to let you know that there is a big difference, at least as far as in the spec'ing and building process, between signature models and off-the-shelf guitars....which accounts for a large part of the price differential.

P.S. Rick Nielsen, BTW - for all of his talk about not caring about specs, sure puts the Hamer custom shop employees thru their paces....aside from his very old Fender strats and teles, every guitar he usually plays on stage is custom built....at least they have been since he's been able to afford them!

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