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Wally's Gum

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Roadie #3 said:

OK, Mike is the winner sort of.. Trident sugarless now. In the past almost any type of bubble gum. Wally was able to muti-task like no one else. Play guitar, smoke a cigarette, chew bubble gum and blow bubbles all at the same time. And on top of that yell at me for not having the guitar in perfect tune.

Great stories Roadie 3.. I'm still trying to teach my five year old how to blow a bubble with his gum... we hope to meet the master of guitar licks and multi- tasking gum chewing someday.

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The Chicago show was just incredible with the electricity and excitment and all he people I met that are on this board. I too won't be ab;e to attend the NYC shows...so make a date for Chicago .....guys....!!!! A great idea.


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