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Your Vision vs. Record Company

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You have mentionned before that there are som things that you are not "the best at"....so I suspect that teaming up with people has been an important element in your musical career.

I am not sure how a producer is hired for the making of a record, (I assume the record label names one?) but I know that sometimes producers and artits just don't see eye to eye.

Like most talented composers, I am sure that you have a musical vision for your songs...using your imagiation and learned arrangement skills, you can almost "hear" the way the song should be constructed...It seems to me that you teamed up pretty good with Jimmy Ienner and fared less well with others (Gus D ,etc)...

What makes a winning producer/artist relationship for you? Is it with a producer who manages to capture your vision onto studio tape???...or are there more elements involved??


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Mutt changed the face of modern country music with his handling of Shania.

I'd love to see him handle EC's music. If Jimmy Ienner joined them..it could be Ricky, the Tooth & The Mutt!

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