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Eric: Your Take On The Press?

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Had some time late tonight, and went through the various sites with press coverage on the live cd/dvd.

Ironically the thought that came to my mind was that now 99% of the critics are now saying in 2007 exactley what you were trying to describe what the Raspberries were trying to be about in the early 70's. Their Reviews NOW say almost quotes from your early 70's quotes.

I find the entire dilemna of were the Raspberries reactionary or influential intriguing. What fooled them all was you were BOTH! Best of both worlds, mixed together, rocked their boats, with your personal touch, talent, and unique vocals and arranging (and a pretty hot little quartet)

Eric, throw us a bone for those that could not attend your birthday at Bernies (and would have loved to)..

What is your reaction of the current positive press on Sunset Strip, and did you predict it, or are you surprised by it?

I'm sure I'm not the only person here that would love to learn of your thoughts.

Thanks man.


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