All that talk about "She Remembered" in another thread made me think of another favorite "underrated" ballad of mine, "Desperate Fools." Nearly 30 years after its release, it holds up well: an A-1 composition that's very visual... sort of like a movie within a song. Back in the day (I was a sophomore in college at the time), I wondered why the album wasn't titled Desperate Fools, especially considering that "DF" is both the opening and closing track. Nothing against Change of Heart, but the B&W photograph does have a bit of a "desperate" feel. At a glance, it just looked like it should have been called Desperate Fools. I also thought "Desperate Fools" coulda been a contender as a single. But I suppose a wistful ballad like that -- powerful though it may be --- might have gotten lost in the midst of disco-mania. Just my thoughts on a great song (and the name of Marlene's fantasy baseball team, too!).