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Klez Virus Warning

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Somebody out there with my e-mail address (raspbernie@ericcarmen.com) in their address book has the Klez virus. I have no idea who it is as the virus just sends out e-mails from the host computer using other e-mail addresses as the sender...but I have received a few of them myself, indicating they were from ME, no less.

Anyway, I'm on a Mac which is virtually virus-free -- the Klez virus simply cannot attack it. So rest assured that if you receive any of this JUNK Mail that it's not from me.

And if you're on a PC and use Outlook Express, run a virus check and see if you've got it, because somebody out there does :(


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I've heard that thing is really nasty and hard to get rid of. I run Norton, and update it a few times a week, plus my server virus scans my e-mails before they even get to me, and if one has a virus, they stop it from coming to my inbox, so I'm lucky. On more than one occasion I've gotten an e-mail from my server saying "so and so at this address just tried to send you a virus", and it will have the name of the virus in it as well.

Glad you didn't get hit (but I still don't like macs, lol) :P

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