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Least Favorite Raspberries or EC Album

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I've held off as long as I can.

Picking a fave or least fave either one by the 'Berries is tough - all so different, it's like apples and oranges.

But all in all, gotta say that "Starting Over" is definitely my favorite album overall.

As for EC solo, my answer is the polar opposite: it's almost too easy to pick a least fave. I've tried and tried over the years, but just can't listen to it all the way through at one sitting.

"Tonight You're Mine".

Favorite solo is tough, too. Like "Boats" (features what are probably some of his best written songs) as well as the Geffen album (have a strong sentimental attachment to that one that has nothing to do with life here on ec.com <g>) - so obviously, like them for different reasons. "Change of Heart" did grow on me through the years, too.

(So there! LOL)

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interesting question because what makes a Raspberries album less interesting than the other are the songs by the other guys...

all 4 albums are equal as far as EC material is concerned, although "Fresh" may be the most impressive in that sense, despite the fact that, imo, "Starting Over" is the most consistent album thru & thru...

for the solo stuff I can't listen to the Geffen album 'cause of the production and the same goes for "Change Of Heart"....

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