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Favorite Eric Carmen Album

Favorite Eric Carmen Song

Found 528 results

  1. Here's a voices-only, doo-woppy version of "Make Me Lose Control": What do you think?
  2. Was this something you came up with in the studio??? Believe it or not, it took me a couple of years before realizing what it was!!! Doops!!! As a musician you would think I would have picked it in the flashiest of flashes... I really like the intro, it sets up the song "just right". bahoo
  3. Hey Mr. C - After meeting and greeting many of us over the past year (and I think it was so cool how warmly we were greeted time after time)...you might have wondered/been curious about something after you met us. Now that you've had a little downtime (by that I mean not touring)here's a thought: If you had the time to ask any of the boarders any thing on your mind, what do you want to know about us?
  4. Eric - have you ever considered doing a second edition to your book so those of us fans who were a little late in getting here could read it? I'd be really interested!
  5. Norman Seeff

    Eric - just saw a 60 minute piece on photographer Norm Seeff. Do you recall whether he filmed your photo session for your first solo album? Thanks!
  6. Eric: I have heard the Raspberries version of Locomotion/Be My Baby countless times. I also have heard the almost legendary tale how Todd Rundgen was at the Carnegie Hall concert, heard the Berries version and sold Grand Funk on covering the song and the rest is music history. My question is did the Raspberries ever considering covering the tune as a possible single or were you all more concentrated on your own material? Steve-O
  7. Eric- I recently acquired an album by Orchestra 88 on the CAM USA label; all of the songs are from your BRI catalog- done by this orchestra in a variety of styles- jazz, funk, blues, disco, pop, sometimes all in the same song! So far, my favorite is their rendition of Boats Against The Current, with a tenor sax carrying the melody. Do you remember this project? Did you have any input? If so, what? A curious oddity of an album, to say the least! Here's the track listing: Side 1- All By Myself She Did It Never Gonna Fall In Love Again Let's Pretend Boats Against The Current Side 2- Nowhere To Hide Go All The Way Love Is All That Matters I Need You Everything
  8. Eric: I graduated from Brush High School, as did you, but don’t get back to Cleveland all that often anymore (although I did indeed attend the Raspberries reunion shows). But this weekend I was visiting my Mom, and while driving down Gates Mills Boulevard I sensed a tremendous presence of creative energy. Hadn’t ever noticed that before on previous trips…I can only assume this means you in the process of finalizing the release of more excellent music!!! Can’t hardly wait!!!
  9. New Music in the future?

    Hello E.C. I am just curious if you plan on releasing anymore new music in the near future. I know all great artists have songs on tape that didn't make the cut during their recording sessions. I know there are some bootlegs out there, B-side songs, songs that didn't go with the era you were in at the time, etc. Maybe you could use some of these songs for a new CD. I know is isn't great to say but a lot of your fans that have followed you from the early days such as the Raspberries through your solo career are getting up in age. I just love your writing and your voice and would like to hear more of it. "Brand New Year" showed me that you still have it! It is not like you are over the hill. You voice still gives me chills when I hear it (that is a good thing. lol). I enjoy having you and your music in my life. It has certainly got me through some rough times. God bless you and your family and thank you for being here for us.
  10. Hey Eric! I went to see Ron Howard's rock doc on the Beatles' touring years last night. Loved it!! Knowing you to be a huge Beatles fan also, couldn't help wondering if you saw it and what you thought?
  11. Hey Eric, If the answer to my question is in Marathon Man, I haven't read it yet. What inspired you to thread "Boats" with Row, Row, Row Your Boat? I'm wondering if "Boats" was in your mind and then you connected it with "Row Your Boat" In my opinion, it is a perfect song. I think it's brilliant how you took the simple melody of a song with the words gently and merrily and came up with a song where life isn't such a dream. Sousa
  12. Inspiration

    Hi EC, Any suggestions how I can inspire my 21yr old Daughter to start playing her piano again ? The only spark I have seen lately from her was when she saw you playing your piano on You Tube. She is very gifted and can play a tune by ear, never had a lesson. Thanks cynthiaalma :^)
  13. Is Eric Going To R&R HOF Ceremony

    Eric: Are you planning on going to the Rock and Roll HOF Induction Ceremony since you live in the area and especially since Ringo is being honored?
  14. Eric...What Were You Thinking?

    My apologies if this has already come up on another thread, but I'm dying to know. Exactly whose idea was the, ahem, controversial album cover to "Tonight You're Mine"? Was the cover foisted upon you by the Powers That Be? Was it a fait accompli before you saw it? Or did everyone think it was a good idea at the time? I see a parallel with Spinal Tap's notorious original cover to "Smell The Glove", the one replaced by the none-more-black version....except yours was actually used. Do tell, Eric
  15. Stage Presence

    I'm sure this has been discussed before, but maybe worth repeating. Naturally the music is how most artists and groups are judged, but always thought that style of delivery or stage presence was as much a part of the the experience as the music, or at least, added to the enjoyment of it. Like an actor....the script can be great, but only certain actors can make it come alive. There are very few groups or solo artists that have that extra something....that pizazz....that polish....to do that. No question Eric has it. I would venture to say that if you saw a silhouette of Eric, you would know who it was performing. Who else do you think has stage presence?
  16. Cool Lead Vocals

    Eric you've talked about musical artists you enjoy and respect. But I wondered...What are some records that you feel have irreplaceable lead vocals that make these records into "3 or 4 Minute Classics". To all my cyber-buddies I'd love to see some of your picks as well. Please-Let's all list only 3-5 songs so we don't use up songs others may wanna post. "MY STARTER LIST".. 1-"DOO WAH DIDDY"-Paul Jones' vocal MAKES this song! 2"KICKS"-Mark Lindsay kicks ass! 3-"LONG COOL WOMAN"-Allan Clarke is amazing!(And it ain't even my favorite Hollies'song."Bus Stop" is my favorite,but it's more of a group harmony effort IMHO.) 4-"TIME OF THE SEASON"-Colin Blunstone does a pretty good job-Ya Think? Hope to hear from you Eric and all you EC.comers with some of your choices.-Ira.
  17. Boats' Secret Weapon: David Wintour

    Rock bassists oftentimes are locked into the root/5th concept. That usually sounds fine..... but unexceptional. There are some bassists who think "out of the box". They almost *force* me to get lost in the brilliance of their basslines. David Wintour is one of those bassists. His work is not aggressively "in your face" like some of rock's most heralded bassists (John Entwistle, Jack Bruce). Wintour is subtle and incredibly melodic (I would consider him to be McCartney-esque). None of his fills scream "look at me". All of his basslines fit the music like a glove. They never fail to serve the music. Fretless bass (when played correctly) gives music a flavor that is more luscious than the traditional fretted bass. I rarely hear fretless bass in rock recordings (it is more of a jazz thing). Wintour's fretless tone is amazing. He makes frequent use of slides that are both subtle & devastating (yes, it is possible to do both at the same time!). Eric - I assume that Wintour was one of Dudgeon's London "sessions guys" that were thrust upon you after you were forced to abandon the use of the orgininal band from the first album. If so, what a stroke of luck to have an obviously mismatched producer bring such a perfectly suited talent to the project. Did you insist that he play fretless? From my perspective, Wintour's fretless work was the cherry on the top of that incredible Boats Against The Current sundae. For what it's worth: Wintour's work on "Heaven Can Wait" is also exceptional. I can't believe that I missed the Boats tour.......
  18. Eric, do you remember the story behind this? Funny stuff! This is from forgottenhits60'sblogspot.nl The actual dart throwing scene is at the 4:08 mark- "Scott Shannon tells the story about the time that Eric Carmen invited him to be in his new music video. (This was back during Scott's VeeJay Days at VH-1). Once all the details were worked out and Scott realized the logistics of sorting all this out in order to make the video shoot, he politely bowed out saying that it just didn't make sense for him to do it. Carmen (not so) graciously accepted Shannon's decision and cast someone else as the deejay in the clip. But watch closely at the end of the video ... where you'll find a giant Scott Shannon poster that is soon the target of several darts being throw at it during the fade out of the song! (Paybacks are a bitch!) Funny stuff from two real pros. (Gotta love it!)"
  19. "Sunrise"

    ...is as great a melodic popular song as there is for my taste. Though we talk about it some here, it's an underrated gem....and a perfect song to open your solo career. I remember the first time I listened to the Arista Eric Carmen album. My older cousin had it and when I stayed with him and his wife for a few days when my family was vacationing, I pulled it from his record collection and listened to it. I knew the 2 big hits, but none of the rest, and "Sunrise" was the song that struck me hardest at this first listen. I remember thinking this dude (Eric Carmen) has really got it as there was a "3rd" song that was even better than the 2 big hits, both of which I thought were really good at the time (1976). So "Sunrise" probably was my main inspiration for going out and buying the album which begat me buying "Raspberries Best", then the 4 original Raspberries albums and through the years, everthing else as it was released. Anyway..... Eric, can you tell us about the writing of "Sunrise"?....was it a song you had in your back pocket that you decided fit as the opening song on your debut solo album?....or did you set out to write a good opener and "Sunrise" is what resulted?
  20. Ya know..we all know that ESPECIALLY in Jan Wenner's Politically Influenced Rock and Roll Hall of Fame..the committee's warped concept of "Cool" effects admissions to the "Hallowed Halls.". Question for Eric..and all my friends.. Who do you think are some of the group lead singers that you feel are under-rated..? As a teacher...I don't wanna lead you too much..but the two guys leading my list have ALWAYS been these guys.. and... (BTW...A coupla years back...I talked to Mark Lindsay after a concert...He's a great guy..BTW! I said that he was under-rated 'cause of those silly costumes... He smiled and said..with wistful humor... "Ira those silly costumes are gonna keep me out of the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame".. ..YUKKK!) "Isn't Llife Strange"?
  21. Cyrus Erie

    This may be a question only Eric can answer, but if someone else knows, feel free to pipe up. Was the band "Cyrus Erie" ever known as "Cyrus Erie West", and if it was, what were the differences between the two bands? In the early '70's I bought some sets of photos from a Cleveland area pen-pal who was also a Raspberries fan. The photos are dated in June and July 1968, and June and July 1969. Some are labeled "Cyrus Erie" and the venue name, and others show "Cyrus Erie West" and the venue name. In all of the books and articles that I have read, I only find references to "Cyrus Erie". I have wondered if the photos labeled "Cyrus Erie West" were incorrectly labeled. Thanks.
  22. Lesley's Records

    I ALWAYS liked these records...BUT I was a kid.. Didn't know how beautifully they were produced... Didn't know they were Quincy Jones's first early success... Didn't realize how well they spoke...and still speak to this 63 year old kid.. Eric..in your words..would you say a few words about why you like Lesley Gore and her records? Thanks-Ira.
  23. So I'm an unhappy kid raised(?) in a quasi-religiousJewish Orthodox household... It's a little like being Amish.. Anyhoo..my mom was always excited learning that...Kirk Douglas..Jewish..Steve Lawrence/Eydie Gorme/..Jack Benny..Milton Berle...Danny Kaye..Jerry Lewis...Jewish.. So I kinda inherited that quirk...gettin' excited to learn David Lee Roth etc. was a paisan..er..Lantzman.. SOOO..Rock and Roll radio was my salvation from this claustrophobic religious prison.. My first love...The Four Seasons...I had 16 of their 45's.. Somewhere down the line..I noticed a Jewish name co-writing such hits as "Dawn" "Let's Hang On"..."Opus 17"...""Workin' My Way Back To You"..etc. Many years later when I spent a brief time in sales..I was referred to sell to Sandy Linzer... He was pleasant enough... One cool ting he shared with me..was that after his success with the classically inspired "Lover's Concerto" by the Toys...he mined that idea for the "Seasons' "Opus 17"..I thought it was cool to learn that tidbit.. Anyhoo..Again...Many years later I learn of the Raspberries experience with him..AND see him credited..(perhaps only 'cause he HAD to be) on your.."The Essential" and now today seeing his name on the closing credits of the GREAT "Jersey Boys" movie...he was on my mind... Eric...Do I remember you recounting that he tried to unpleasantly turn you guys into The Four Seasonal Raspberries? Sorry if it awakens unpleasant memories..but I was curious to hear your "take" on this guy who had considerable success...but mishandled you guys.. Thanks.
  24. Eric do you have a favourite Soul / R&B artist?
  25. Brian Wilson

    Eric, Do you know if Brian Wilson has heard "Brand New Year"? I think it would knock his socks off. Since you recorded the song with his band, it doesn't seem like much of a stretch to get it into Brian's hands...I'd love to know what he thinks of your new song!