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Favorite Eric Carmen Album

Favorite Eric Carmen Song

Found 529 results

  1. Lead Vocal on "Let It Be"

    Who is singing lead on the "Let It Be" gem that Bernie posted on Christmas Day, anyone know for certain? Some parts sound like Eric to me and some sound like Wally. Their voices are usually very distinctive to me, but I can't tell this one. Thanks in advance for any answers.
  2. The Automobiles

    Okay, I'll attempt another question. Eric, you've written about cars in several of your songs. Are you a car enthusiast? What kind of cars do you like best?
  3. Ever Just Drop In, Eric?

    Wonder if you ever just pop into a hotel lobby or Nordstroms and start noodling on their piano. Billy Joel in the early 80's had divorced his wife, manager, and fights with the label went to chill in St. Barts on a solo vacation. Since he was alone some time he would buy a drink and wander over to the lobby grand unannouced and unpaid and play around just to amuse himself. That's where he met Christie Brinkley who happened to be staying there for a photo shoot. You ever do that around Cleveland (or are you too well known) or when traveling? ala piano man
  4. I'm digging through Dio's older stuff (he started in 1958!). Totally reminds me of your singing. Just curious--did you ever meet Dio?
  5. Reluctant Airplay For Old Artists

    I often wonder, and feel saddened by the fact that radio stations today have a certain reluctance towards playing new tunes by an old artist. Oh sure perhaps a few times they may sample it for us to hear, but then quite suddenly distance themselves to the point of quite probably never hearing it again. I for one, if in the business of radio management and program director would be excited to have a proven hit-maker back on the scene. But the trend today in radio seems to be for a bunch of nonsense songs with no clear direction or meaning of its content. That's why I seldom listen to radio, just the oldies station.And then buy any new albums of my favorites when they release them. I would be interested Eric in your opinions on all of this.Many Thanks,highwayangel
  6. Selection Process For Singles

    I thought the artist themselves, had complete control over what songs would be released off their new albums for radio play. It should be that way, but does the record label that the artist is signed to have a say in the selection process? I would not hesitate to say, that an artist would be better qualified to make the choice, as opposed to any record company executive.For the simple reason being, the artist would know first hand, which one of their songs would have the best chance for success.Musicians have that kind of insight.Many thanks,highwayangel
  7. Isn't It Romantic?

    I just found this new video on YouTube, and it reminded me of my little romantic story of the same name I wrote around Valentine's Day 2 years ago. It was deleted after a banned board member took the thread in an "x-rated" direction. I don't know if any of you remember the story. It was about my idea of an unforgettable romantic evening at home, and included a blindfold, some sexy lingerie, and me preparing a meal for my love , of his favorite foods...The setting progressed from the dining room, to the front of a lit fireplace, complete with comfy cushions, strawberries, and melted chocolate ! After I told my story, I asked, what was everyone else's idea of the ultimate romantic evening? I got some great replies (that weren't x-rated!) from you guys. I even remember, Eric's response, of how I was giving him, "A case of the Vapors" ! You know, Eric, with songs like this one , playing in the background, and that special someone by my side, I think I could get a case of "the vapors" every night!!... Any more ideas for romance and "mood setting" music from you guys?
  8. Eric...

    Did you ever write a song with Seth Swirsky?
  9. I had never heard "After You" until Bernie posted it in the Multimedia/Eric's Demos section. I loved it the first time I listened to it. If the demo sounds that good, I can't imagine had good your finished version would have sounded. I'm curious why you never recorded it...did you not like it...was it legalities...was it something else? Since nobody else recorded it, maybe it's just not as good as I think it is. Even if it wasn't a single, it seems album worthy...
  10. No Hard Feelings: Guitar Chords

    I know in the song, you chronicle the raspberries Eric. I was wondering about the guitar chords down the stretch near the end of the tune.Now by no means do I have a musicians ear, but I think I hear some chords similar but not exact to Go all the Way.I just always think of Go all the Way at that moment in the song.I was always curious about it. If so its a nice tribute touch to the song.
  11. Eric, Ok, you've probably been asked this many times before but I might as well ask you myself. Wouldn't you enjoy playing a little piano and singing at my wedding reception? Now wait...I did come to the Raspberries' reunion concerts in Cleveland and I am a pretty longstanding member of ericcarmen.com. And Pittsburgh is not that far away. This will be my second and last marriage and to have you sing your ballads at my reception would make me feel like a Make-A-Wish kid. This will be a family only reception so it would be pretty small - like 50 people in a private room at a nice restaurant. I won't beg but...please??? Steveh
  12. Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame?

    Eric you played there more than once, you wrote a song about it, and you live there.. what's your take on the the "inductees". I have to admit, the inductee list since 86 is pretty deserving, with exceptions, but judging by the list that isn't in, I think the Raspberries and/or EC solo are screwed. Parliment-Funkedelik and Grand Master Flash are in. The HOF likes influntial artists and it's funy that there are artist/bands already in that cite the 'berries as an influence (you know the usual suspects). Here's some of the crime sheet I'm talking about, and by the way, I'm not a fan of all of these bands but they are either great or I admit influential. Theatre rock Didn't Alice Cooper and Kiss have a little something to do with this? Progressive rock Rush and Yes set the table Symphony/orchestra rock Weren't Moody Blues and Chicago, and even ELO kinda there in the beginning after Left Banke? Arena rock/power ballads Didn't Styx, Journey, and REO have a little something to do with that movement? Singer/songwriter? You leave Carole King and Neil Diamond without a ticket to your barbecue? Then you have people like Heart, Steve Miller, Hall and Oates, and Bon Jovi that were hit factories, what do you do with them? None of the above are in, but Grandmasterflash is. Eric should be in simply of ABM which became the new ballad standard after Yesterday. Just venting...
  13. I was just curious if Eric was going to Ronnie Wood's art exhibit at the Butler Art Gallery in Youngstown. Ronnie is supposed to be there on the opening day for a meet the artist reception. Just wondering since it's not far from the Beachwood area.
  14. I have two: 1) I had my whole band whack me in the face with (4)pies at the end of a song...I never saw it coming! 2) I was asked to come up on stage to sing and play bass on Road House Blues (Doors)....this is a song you cannot screw-up...every musician who has ever played regularly can play this in their sleep... I was handed a 5 string bass....I had never played one....the song is in the Key of E...A 5-string bass adds a bottom (lower thicker string)....that is tuned in D.....I played THAT extra string in stead of the E, which is now the 2nd string on the 5-string bass.... I played EVERY "E" as a "D"///and every other note wrong too....didnt even know it till the guitar player was laughing so hard he had to run over and tell me....we were at the end of the song by this time... However in my defense, miraculously I sang it in the right key...
  15. "On Broadway"

    Eric...Do you like Broadway Show Tunes? What about all you EC.com Rockers out there? Even in my Broadway tastes...Tony would say I'm livin' in a time warp. But dig these lyrics in "On The Street Where You Live" from "My Fair Lady" by Lerner and Loewe..truly poetic IMHO! TRIVIA ALERT!..Actually singing for Audrey Hepburn in the movie is Marni Nixon...mom of "Oh What A Lonely Boy" &"Thank You For Bein' A Friend"'s Andrew Gold. https://youtu.be/0udu4KYv1zI
  16. Eric,What and when was the last song you wrote and published. It still amazes me that throughout the reunion that a new song never started fire. I just can't imagine the four of you guys in a room rehearsing with no sparks for a new tune. By sheer accident I would have bet on it happening. I would guess Vegas even had odds on it! During a break you start dancing on the piano keys, Wally backs it up with a guitar riff, Dave starts pounding a bass line, Jim jumps in with his foot to the pedal.. Then I start thinking about after the reunion and everything that happened. I would think that somewhere in there there had to be an inspiration for a song or two? With the lyrical and musical talent within you I would think that when you piss it comes out a freakin' melody! I maybe know two cords and I've got songs dancing in my head all day long. Just don't have the talent to finish anything. Why the long absence on the next song?
  17. What Was...

    ...the true inspiration behind the lyrics of "all by myself"?? might have been asked before,but this song rings true to me at this stage in my life..is it you/..or someone you knew?? lol,chris
  18. Especially For You, Eric

    Interview with Natalie Wood on James Dean. Sorry if you've already seen it. I haven't seen this interview. She had a lovely very sweet voice indeed!
  19. Cartoons!

    Eric...I asked my two boys...18 and 24 to take me to "Toy Story 3" today at 11:00 a.m. before going out to lunch for Father's Day. Eric-we're about the same age...and grew up on many of the same things. I've ALWAYS loved certain cartoons. The Warner Brothers' stuff..Bugs..Daffy..Foghorn...Yosemite Sam..Tweety and Sylvester...and today I really like Family Guy. And some of this Pixar stuff is OUTRAGEOUS!!! IMHO! Are you a fan of any cartoons?
  20. Fresh Singles

    Eric: I'm the first to back you up that an upstart band from Cleveland doesn't have any power to tell the label that signed the Beach Boys and Beatles, what the singles would be. Having said that, they did grab by far the two best choices for singles off of Fresh, but privately did it ever cross your mind at the time that If You Change Your Mind and Nobody Knows were pretty radio friendly too and they easily could have grabbed at least a third single? Just curious.
  21. Who Writes What?

    I've always wondered which band members contribute to the "writing" of a song within a band setting. After Eric's recent comments suggesting he is "hands on" when it comes to writing and arranging, I wonder it specifically about Raspberries songs. Take "If You Change Your Mind" as an example. I assume Eric composed this song by himself on a guitar (piano?), creating the basic chord structure and the lyrics. Now, the guitar work on the verses of this song is phenomenally creative. Does Eric bring the song to practice, and Wally creates these guitar parts? Did Eric create these guitar parts, or co-create them with Wally? I imagine the answers to these questions in general depend on how much control the songwriter wants over the finished product. We've all seen the segment from the "Let it Be" movie where George gets fed up with Paul micromanaging his playing. So, "Who Writes What" in an Eric Carmen Raspberries song?
  22. Piano on "Someday"

    Eric, I was listening to "Someday" on the "Change of Heart" album the other day and it reminded me that there is a bit in that song that has always intrigued me. Towards the end of the song at the end of the line "...man she'll crawl back to...." before the "Meeeeeeeee" comes in, it sounds like all the strings on the piano are being hand-cranked up to when the drums start again, rather like turning up the tuning pegs on a guitar. Was this a studio "effect" or if not, how did you achieve it? Thanks Gary
  23. "...Forever Tonight" Story?

    Now that you have some time, E.C., do you have the background of the best cover of your song since Reno/Wilson, when Cetera and the "Wings" chick put you back on the charts for a moment with the great "IWTFT"? How did Cetera hear the demo? Did you talk to him about the vision of the recording, and their killer harmony?
  24. I would humbly suggest that when you decide it's a "go" you should give your old friend Steve Lukather a call! It would be pretty cool to see him ripping it up with you on stage, and he's a pretty darn good singer too! Tim
  25. How About An Update?

    I've been kind of out of the loop as of late and was wondering if someone could update me as to what happened or what is happening with my favorite musical artist of all time? I'll generally sign on and search for postings from Eric, specifically and it looks like they all but disappeared about 2 months ago. I hope all had a great holiday....here's wishing that all have a great New Year.