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Favorite Eric Carmen Album

Favorite Eric Carmen Song

Found 529 results

  1. Which Humbuckers?

    Hey Eric! Joan Jett references the white '68 gibson melody maker that you sold her as her "#1 baby". I understand that you had two Humbucker pickups and a custom pick guard installed. My two questions: What were the Humbucker models for the bridge and the neck? What did the custom pick guard involve? Thanks.
  2. Remember Tony Sciuto?

    Eric, I had an interesting day today. A sharply dressed man came into our store today, and identified himself as the new Kurzweil keyboard rep. He seemed like a nice guy, but I didn't think too much of it, because I talk to alot of new reps over the years. Then he looked at me and said, I played with Eric Carmen on tour. And then said, yeah, you're thinking, who's Eric Carmen? Then I looked at him, probably a little dazzed, and said, he's my all time favorite singer, songwriter! He said, he remembered enjoying talking to you, about various musical topics of mutual interest. He also said he toured with Little River Band, and with John Stamos's band (of Full house tv show). He's a keyboard player. Had a decent hit in Japan, but not in the states. I asked him how he got into repping, and he said someone approached him with the idea, and he went with it. Hope he makes out well. I wondered if you remember him. He said he toured with you, late 80's? I told him to check out your web site. He said, he'll have to do that. Interesting day.
  3. What's New?

    Hey Eric! What's new these days?
  4. New Beach Boys CD

    Eric, I was wondering if you listened to the new Beach Boys CD and if it kindled any flames for one of your own?
  5. Songwriting Question

    Eric, I have been asked recently by a producer-song-writer to do some song-writing with him....we spent 5 hours together yesterday and got a few interesting ideas down... do you stubbornly work your way through ideas (till you have a finished product) and actually finish what you started or do you trash ideas that do not seem to have enough potential? A
  6. Joe Franco?

    Some time ago I found some information online suggesting that you had been working together with drummer Joe Franco (Good Rats, Twisted Sister, Widowmaker, studio musician). I had never heard of this before so I contacted Joe about it. Joe confirmed that he had been playing on one song with you but he didn't remember much about it. He didn't remember the song title and he didn'tknow if the song ever had been officially released. What he did remember was that this was probably in the early nineties and he also said that the record label involved was Arista. Could you sort this out for me and all our other fans.
  7. Eric, When I first started playing guitar and piano, I could hear patterns that were "standards" ...I always thought that the chorus on this one was simply "pianoman" all over again... A few days ago, I started to sing this song as I was doing some renovations, and when I was done, I sat at the piano and tried to play it...2 hours later I came up with the progression to the singing parts (haven't worked out the middle 8 solo part) Eric, absolutely awesome chord structure, the way you created a wonderful walk through the park of chords!!! Using bass notes other than the root ...even a "G" bass over an A7 ....not something you think would work...but it sure does! At least to my ears (as I do everything by ear) it seems quite unorthodox... Here is what I "think" the structure may be...there may be one or two not right, but the ones I am really not sure of are the two final chords of the chorus over "Nothing to Fear". It almost sounds like your melody notes are not in the chords...??? Verse: A - A/B - E/G# - A7/G - D/F# - Dm6/F - A/E (repeat, though last chord 2nd time round is - E) Chorus: A- D/G# - F#m - A/E - D - A/C# - Bm7 - E7 Bridge (There's a knock...is that a bridge?) This part is SPECTACULAR!...I was actually freaking hen I figured out the run here...Brian Wilson great! D - B/Eb - E - Fdim - F#m - F#m7 - B7/C# - Dm6/D - C#m - F#m - B7/Eb? - E7 Just brilliant, brilliant, brilliant... Bahoo-hah!
  8. "Career Trajectory"

    Eric in another thread you stated: "I only wish my career trajectory had given me the opportunity to do exactly what I wanted to do, all the time, like Don Henley and Bruce Springsteen." This quotes intrigues me. What would you have done, if your "career trajectory" had given you the opportunity?
  9. ...these feelings, so well expressed by Elton John! So well performed by Justin Timberlake!!!
  10. Jazz Chords?

    Eric: I was watching the two videos below of Scott Gorham describing the the creation of Thin Lizzie's "The Boys are Back in Town". Of particular interest to me was the inclusion of a jazz chord or two at 1:30 on the second video. It does something really cool to your brain and I think it made the song a hit. Two questions, if I may: 1) Are jazz chords in your musical toolbox? 2) Any examples of where you have used them in any of your songs? Thanks!
  11. The Beach Boys "SMILE"

    Eric, have you already heard the album of The Beach Boys "SMILE"? How do you feel? It will be put on the market in Japan tomorrow.
  12. Coming Back...

    Eric, are you ever coming back??
  13. After You

    I have 2 questions: 1) What is your opinion of Curt Boettcher's work? The Association, The Millenium, Sagitarrius, Eternity's Children, etc. I know that Curt sang backup for you on that Japanese tour... were you aware of his body of work at that point? 2) My friend Seth Swirsky recently played me the demo of "After You" which I thought was lovely. I was curious if you've heard his band "The Red Button"?... their first album is one of my favorites of the last 10 years or so, "She's about to cross my mind" The reason I'm bringing it up is that it's filled with 65-66 jangly Beatle-pop songs and knowing that was "your favorite era" I wanted to make sure you'd heard it... (Their more recent release "As Far As Yesterday Goes" is also a slice of classic pop heaven, (Though more "west coast/wrecking crew" in sound) And lastly (Not a question) Great to see your new release, I'll be picking it up soon! Thanks for all the great music, Eric!
  14. ...and let me talk at ya for a second. now, what i want ya to do is record an instrumental cd...not that i dont enjoy hearin ya sing, cause i do, but i really enjoy hearing you play piano none of us are spring chickens anymore and daylights burnin so hop to it! if its been done already and i missed it, then point me in the direction
  15. Don't Wanna Say Goodbye

    Hi Eric, what do you think of this one from Holland:
  16. Hey Eric!

    Joe Stafford suspended by Ohio Legal disiplinary board for 18 months! Son of a bitch should have been disbarred!
  17. Hey Eric, I have been wanting to learn Heaven can Wait, but am having a problem with a passage,,, I was living...for tomorrow.... ( hanging on from day to day) What are the chords for that particular line?...sheet music says C#7sus4 to an F# ......that doesn't sound quite right to me...but I may be mistaken.... Bahoo
  18. Eric, I am wondering where you see your musical and personal life taking you over the next 3-5 years? Any plans to write and/or perform, or are you content with just living life out of the public eye? Just curious, and appreciate your thoughts. PS: Sorry about the previous attempt at this post, terrible spelling errors in the title.
  19. 1984 Album

    Hello Eric, I am new on here. Why is your Eric Carmen 1984 ablum not available on iTunes? How disappointing..."it's just a crime". Can you get that changed? BTY, I love your music and voice!
  20. Eric, When Will You Do...

    ...that Japan Quake/Tsunami Relief Concert that you are destined to do?
  21. Eric & Eagles

    Eagles performs in Japan in March. A lot of music fans excited by the topic of Eagles now in Japan. A special TV program of Eagles broadcasted last week. I saw the program. Eagles songs and interview with Glenn Frey and Don Henley, and their sucsess and despair stories. Then, I recalled Linda Ronstadt. And I heard "Desperado". I reminds John Wayne and the western movies that had not been seen for 20 years or more. However, I wasn't think about Eagles after the program had ended. It was Eric Carmen that I thought. I recalled that Eric had said that he likes Don Henley's voice. Then it was "Desperate Fools" that I thought after I had been heard "Desperado". And it was "I can remember" that I thought after "Hotel California". Of course, Eagles is one of the a greatest band. It is a famous piece of music that "Desperado" and "Hotel California" remain in the history of music. However, I must say that I really love Eric Carmen's songs deep inside of me. I want to know....... What is the one to touch your mind or feelings ? What is beautiful or painful do you feel now? How do you feel the meaning of the life? I want to hear it because of you who passes 60 years old. It is because of the desire that support me hereafter. A fan all over the world waits for your songs. Is our wish meaningless for you, Mr.Eric Carmen?
  22. Revive An Old Dream?

    Hey Eric, Before you got so involved in The Raspberries reunion thing you had said something about doing a show with the Cleveland Symphony. Is there any kind of a chance to restart that dream agian? I would love to see this happen. The idea of hearing your music in that style would be fantastic. Think about it. Would also be a great way to get the EC Nation together again too! Gail
  23. Eric, just in case you aren't spending every waking hour reading the different forum entries, here is a request lifted from a different topic - I have 'lurked' through Eric's Facebook page, and one of his 'Friends' is David Spero, who's Dad produced The UpBeat Show. As a kid David worked on the show as a producer. Eric, you would do the wonderful world of the internet a great service if you could see if David has access to a tape of this show. It would rock YouTube.
  24. Under-Rated

    Eric and Eric Carmen.com Colleagues...What acts and/or performers do you feel are under-rated? I'll start the ball rolling...I think the Boxtops were under-rated. Alex Chilton was about 17...if I recall....when he did those vocals on "The Letter" and "Cry Like A Baby". I think Alex's vocals are right up there with Stevie Winwood who sounded like a wizened Blues Vet while merely a child on "Gimme Some Lovin" and I'm A Man" by the Spencer Davis Group. I think Sonny Geraci of The Outsiders and Climax is under-rated. And perhaps..most of all...I think Mark Lindsay of Paul Revere And The Raiders should be in the"Under-Rated Lead Singers Hall Of Fame". Eric and friends...You got a coupla under-rated favorites that you might talk about?