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Favorite Eric Carmen Album

Favorite Eric Carmen Song

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  1. The Bass

    Eric, I've always been fascinated by the bass sound on the first Raspberries album. In comparison to Dave and Scott's bass sounds, yours sounds very "round" or even "punky". I'd love to know what bass you played on that album and what led you to swap roles with Dave thereafter. Thanks Gary
  2. Diane Warren?

    Diane has written a lot of great songs, but just curious if the has ever released anything on her own? I've heard Bernie Taupin's solo stuff, and have seen Irving Berlin sing in a movie. Also heard Beth Nielsen Chapman's demos on a radio special-- actually has a lot more life to them than most of the garbage you hear on the radio. What was interesting about the Nielsen-Chapman show was that she intended "This Kiss" for Paula Abdul, originally, and not Faith Hill. It would be interesting to hear Diane Warren's take on her own stuff....
  3. Question for Eric

    Eric: I would like to know when did you meet singer Michael Stanley for the first time? What about singer Dwight Twilley? Have you seen the Saturday morning show "The Bugaloos" (Sid & Marty Krofft) show from the early 70's?? Matt
  4. Asking Eric

    Here is a question for Eric...Have you written any songs lately that you are especially proud of that you would like to tell us about?...And if so...Who are they intended for...You...The Raspberries...or someone else?