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    Listening to 70's and 80's music, preferably Eric's song, baking, gardening, all the stuff old people seem to do...haha
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    Boats Against the Current
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    The Way We Used To Be, If You Change Your Mind

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  1. Eric Doppleganger

    100% correct. No comparison.
  2. Eric Doppleganger

    Still don't see it. Agreed, looks more like Mick, and Keith...not so much Eric, some resemblance to Steven Tylers bottom lip....before his plastic surgery. See this: https://www.isuwft.com/851/steven-tyler-plastic-surgery.html
  3. Eric Doppleganger

    Uh....u got to b kidding I don't see it...at all
  4. Walter Murphy

    Very pretty, romantic, great vocals. Never heard it before. Thank u
  5. I Need You

    Bernie Did Eric ever do an actual demo of "I Need You"? I know who actually recorded it, but like his interpretation of his songs. Do you have a demo in your vault?
  6. Some Advice

  7. Stephen King's a Fan

    Thank you Bernie...
  8. Raspberries in Texas!

    Thanks Kirk.... The guy only has to put 2 words together and bam...instant bridge.... I am humbled...
  9. Raspberries in Texas!

    WOW...Awesome, ....Amazing... Wish I could make out the words in the bridge? Anyone??
  10. Stephen King's a Fan

    Thank you James u r very kind.
  11. Stephen King's a Fan

    James There are a whole lot of people who I disagree with, regarding their political views... On this board. I find myself agreeing with most of ur posts, as they are insightful, most of the time. However, not on this one. In my opinion, this should have been put under Cartoon World. I personally like everything Stephen King has written, and have for most of my adult life. I love everything Eric has composed or sung, since he began his career. Knowing Eric, I can assure you, if he liked the author, he would be reading his books. Especially, if their 1st editions, bound in leather On this board I have read several things that should have never been brought up, in my opinion. I never commented on them but this time, it just hit me the wrong way. This is America, where, as u are aware, we all have the right to free speech. Stephen King has that right, as much as you do. Yes, his comments were certainly, words he should have kept to himself, or put in his next book. If you don't like his books, don't read them. Believe me, he will not feel the strain in his bank account. If I commented on everyone who I wasn't in agreement with here, I would be kick out long ago. I'm here because, of Eric. That the only reason. I use to tell my twins when they got out of hand..."lets all play nice" None of us here, have to like each others thoughts or opinions. But we do have to respect each other on this board, and should. I love this site, and have made a very, good friend, having meet her here. She is a remarkable woman. We all are. My 2 cents, or maybe 3 cents. Like me or not, I'm here to stay
  12. Rush Limbaugh dies at 70

    Well said Batman
  13. I Saw a Raspberries Home Movie Film by Jim Bonfanti

    Seen it a long time ago. They were so young and cute
  14. Stephen King's a Fan

    And am a huge fan of Stephen King. Have every book he has written, ad read them. Not surprised he s a Berries fan. The man obviously has excellent taste in music. The books are always so much better than the movies made about them. Whats everyone's fav book??
  15. An Eric Carmen "concert" that could be done

    yeah where is it? You would make an "old woman", very happy to c the whole show...