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  1. "Not Secure"

    Don’t leave me out!
  2. Anybody want this item?…

    Actually had it on a watch list for awhile. Don’t think this is the first time it’s been put up for sale
  3. Packing up mom’s house…

    Mom wants to stay in the house even tho we all think she should not be alone. I’ve asked her several times to move in with me. Said I’d put in stairlifts etc… but no. So even tho the funeral is over I guess I’ll be spending lots of time over there. There’s so much junk to go thru and get rid of. My dad wanted the garage cleaned out and the stuff in it given away or sold. We need to go thru her finances I think she should get one of us appointed power of attorney, etc…. So much to still think of and get done. And now she keeps saying she won’t be here much longer herself. She’s starting to give away possessions- gave me her diamond. I can see the sibling wars coming as well, Lew.

    I agree with this in theory but in practice it’s harder to make that call. Not so much the suicide idea but end of life care, especially pain management. My dad passed this morning and up until last night he was in horrible pain and couldn’t breathe . No practitioner would prescribe anything stronger than Percocet until yesterday afternoon. I’ve been saying for over a week that he needed morphine but you know there’s that opioid epidemic that must be kept in mind. He got some morphine. Was finally able to sleep. then my mom got a call at 2:30 in the morning telling her he probably wouldn’t last the night and that he was in much more severe pain and really couldn’t breathe. They said they could give him more medicine that would help but needed her permission. She told them to do whatever they needed. Really??? Please. He’s 88 years old with end stage COPD , heart failure, and blood cancer. So what if he got addicted. Like he was going to be around much longer to need to worry about it anyway. sorry if I got up on my soapbox but I’ve dealt with this at work so many times before it got this personal. We euthanize animals that are suffering but won’t give human beings the same courtesy he’s comfortable now RIP dad
  5. ABBA reuniting

    Whenever I hear ABBA all I can think of is Dancing Queen. Went to a StarTrek convention years ago for the weekend. On Saturday night we had Klingon Karaoke. One of the roadies, Leon, a not too tiny fella, did Dancing Queen complete with “ballet” moves. It was great!
  6. Anyone recognize this???

    Comes up on I Heart radio. Anyone?
  7. Deep Tracks - Raspberries

    I always liked Ecstacy but now that I've heard I'm a Rocker live I have to choose that one
  8. AM/FM Trivia

    #6 Rolling Stones Jumpin Jack Flash
  9. "Sweet, sweet Connie" dies at 66

    If you read Pam Debarres book , I think it’s called let’s spend the night together, she interviews Connie. And her mom, who was proud of her daughter’s accomplishments
  10. What are we doing here

    I might be in the minority but all this “political” and “cultural “ sensitivity stuff really irks me. In earlier times we women learned to give it as well as we got it. When did everyone become too afraid to tell someone to knock it off. I remember telling guys things like in your dreams , not in your lifetime , etc… when comments were made about my chest or butt. And I survived.
  11. Name your favorite Raspberries

    Wally- still my guitar god!!!
  12. Raspberries Top songs ranked…

    I would at least swap 4 and 10
  13. 40 Crankiest Musicians Of All Time…

    I haven’t met the ones on the list, but a guy I used to work with did security for a private company for spare money and said Mick Jagger was not very nice to be around
  14. Name your favorite Raspberries

    I still have those magazines in my computer
  15. AM/FM Trivia

    #3 I would have loved you anywayS