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  1. RIP John Karlen

    Karlen was more successful then most of the others so he didnthave to sell anything!

    I thought I would share this lovely version of the Beach Boys (Brian Wilson) Wouldn't it be nice. It includes the father and son team of Al Jardine and son Matt on lead vocals with Brian Wilson doing Mike Loves vocals part. what do you think?? youtube.com/watch?v=G_tWGUBFsz4
  3. Bette always opened with FRIENDS. This is a 1971 performance with Barry Manilow at the Continental Bath in NYC 1971 youtube.com/watch?v=UOrzpQeJyKI
  4. David Peel and the Lowe East Side

    Any one ver heard if this guy. I joined his band for 6 months in 1993. He was once on Apple Records. He was commissioned to do a 90 second song for some compilation album regarding Charles Manson. We recorded an abbreviated intentionally low budget version of Helter Skelter. We recorded the music live on an 8 track and gave it to Peel to finish on his own in his studio in his tiny NYC apartment. A week later he comes back with the finished song. I said to him" you changed the vocal line too much" he responded" Hey ..I do not want to sound like John Lennon my friend" It seemed he was not aware it was a McCartney written and sung tune. The only reason I recorded the song for hime was to say I played with someone who played with John Lennon and was signed on Apple Records. The result...HEMP HOP SMOKER...True to style of music promoting marijuana!!! Here is the result: youtube.com/watch?v=VxOpBAqgcBc
  5. Who is the biggest jerk in music?

    I think you are right. Even the forgiving and nutty Brian Wilson calls him an asshole to this day.
  6. By the way Lew, Your fathers version of Friends is the best version I heard.
  7. A List...For Power POP Fans...

    To me power pop is 3 a piece band. Musically at the least.so I do not agree with their definition. I never even heard of Adam Shmidt.
  8. RIP John Karlen

    I met John Karlen at a Dark Shadows fan show in Brooklyn. He was a little cranky when they served dinner late but seemed like he was glad to be there most of the time. I think he drank his share so making it to 86 was pretty impressive. Loved him on DS. RIP
  9. He is lucky in a sense that that was his era. Today with all the song stealing and illegal downloading he would not have made a dime. Friends was a well written pop tune by the way, Its a tough business
  10. Pretty Good Jim Interview

    It has sailed because Eric will not work with Wally again. Plain and simple. Nothing to do with politics either. Remember, it took 32 years for the first reunion to happen.
  11. We're Not Alone...

    Why don't they show themselves and sign up. Of course now that VBT is here that brings nd following.
  12. Claustrophobia...Help...Anybody out there?

    2 valium with water. and one sing shot of whisky and call me in the morning
  13. Wiiliam Shatner 1974 tour bus tour

    He was very nice but I do not think he signed autographs that day
  14. Is This Dissimilar from Wally’s GATW Claim?

    I don't hear the Firehouse connction