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  1. Packing up mom’s house…

    Yes Doreen, that would likely occur and should be expected in terms of sibling arguments. If it is financially and some what safely possible ,you should leave mom in the house even it is not the best thing to do. Even it is for a year or two,
  2. Packing up mom’s house…

    Yes Lew Things always always get out of hand when it comes to a parent death who gets this and who deserves that. I always found that the relative that gave the most care and support especially but not limited to the end of their life seem to get less than they should have got. So the fights begin
  3. Anybody know “The Scruffs”?

    I heard the similarities with the lead singer and Eric's voice. Not as good of course. Never heard of them prior

    I am sorry too. I know what you mean regarding the reluctance to offer morphine until its way too late. Happened with my dad as well

    next question
  6. Best unknown gem

    Notice his southern drawl! Saw this before. He never made it big time perhaps because of his image.
  7. Definition of the Rolling Stones

    Mick lost his live stage voice in 1976 and never sounded good again on stage
  8. Beatle question

    name on after 1968
  9. Beatle question

    I guess I stumped a ll of you
  10. Best unknown gem

    Trivia facts The Rolling Stones considered him to replace Mick Taylor. He never played on Black and Blue
  11. Best unknown gem

    Wow Bernie I am impressed with your knowledge of this guy, Robert Johnson whose favorite color is pink. and this song. I had a copy of this album before it was released as a promotion copy. Great song! I love his cover of the this Elvis tune as well! 3 piece format He does not play professionally any more
  12. ABBA reuniting

    An Abba reunion is so unnecessary.
  13. Beatle question

    name four songs that feature harmonica by John Lennon

    Thank you James, you are a gentleman and a scholar!

    The legality of suicide is irrelevant since you cannot be punished for doing it. Prostitution should be legal. Democrats point of view on these subject vary. I mean abortion should be legal but with conditions. The republcans got this one wrong but are only against for the votes