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    Politics, music, family, Eric Carmen
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    Boats Against the Current
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    Boats Against the Current....actually I dote on all Eric's music. He could sing Readers' Digest jokes and I would think him absolutely sensational and sexy. Anything Eric Carmen is my favorite.
  1. The End Of An Era

    There's romance in the sunset....
  2. Marathon Man book

    I am hopeful and optimistic that Someone will see the value and the timelessness of Eric's outstanding work. My mind goes over his beautiful words and phrasing....Boats...Desperate Fools, She Did It. ....should be enjoyed and loved by many of us who appreciate fine poetry and the super-creative man who wrote it.
  3. Marathon Man book

    I would like to see a collection of Eric Carmen's lyrics together in a book. Of course, I love poetry and in my opinion, his poetic lyrics are equal to or better than many published poets I have read. His use of emotion, words, thought and cadence are truly among the best of contemporary poetry. Any plans for this?