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  1. 'Hungry Eyes' Girl

    LOL! I'll work on it!
  2. 'Hungry Eyes' Girl

    Mystery solved! I know the name of the brunette model, her first name is Dorotka (such an unusual name). We shared office space in the early 1990s in Century City (near Beverly Hills, CA). Her boyfriend, who also shared the space, was talking to me one day and mentioned that she was the model in the Hungry Eyes video, which explained why she looked familiar to me. She is the brunette in the video and not the blonde. They put blue contacts on her for part of the video, but her hair and eyes are dark; it was definitely her. I think he said she was dating the director at the time. Don't remember hearing her last name, but her boyfriend's last name my have been Daniel - it's been awhile. At least you have a first name!