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  1. Pardon The Dust...

    I haven't been on as much but must say the website looks great Bernie. Will try to check in a little more now - still wishing Eric would tour or even just one solo performance. Applebees new Hungry Eyes commercial is giving him lots of exposure. Only commercial I bother to turn up. Hope everyone is doing ok. Again, great job Bernie. Pam
  2. Eric's Tweets

    Eric just tweeted that his mother passed away the 21st - service was held yesterday.
  3. Just got the special edition CDs & DVD- watched the complete concert. This was so good - so happy they made it available for those of us who didn't make it and those just wanting to relive a great night. The opening montage was wonderful and really well done. Makes me wish they'd do this again. I know that's not going to happen so maybe Eric will decide to do a show - he's got so many hits on his own. If you don't own this, go to The Raspberries' website & order before they run out.
  4. This is Music?

    Just suffered through the "musical" guest on the Tonight Show. I am not s fan of rap music as I feel it has little to do with music & vocal ability. I really hate that those growing up today don't have the talent the likes of Eric & the Raspberries to listen to. I know what real music should sound like & outside of a handful of talented people - the choices are pretty bad. People are getting rich and have no real talent - sorry - had to rant. As someone who has been a fan of Eric's since The Raspberries- I find it hard to listen to the garbage that's popular these days. Think I'll go put a Cd of Eric's on. BTW -Happy Halloween ??
  5. Up On The Roof

    Such a great picture of him! Thanks for posting!!
  6. Eric's Tweets

    I regularly follow his tweets - if anyone missed the video he posted last week of the guy singing All By Myself - it still has me laughing. He definitely put a new spin on it! ????
  7. Raspberries Live On Sunset Strip

    Definitely worth every penny! Was so happy to get a copy since I wasn't able to be at any of their shows. Such a talented group - still hoping for a solo show from Eric but afraid he won't do it now.
  8. Raspberries Live On Sunset Strip

    Thank you Bernie - lost mom in March and this was her dog so really hard times this year. Finding this group has helped?
  9. Raspberries Live On Sunset Strip

    I'm happy too!! I inquired about delivery & Jim Bonfanti replied & had Al Kaston get in touch. Really nice guys - I let Al know I got it & thanked him for responding. Saw Bernie had a lot to do with putting it together! Really loved all the extras - Been a hard week - lost my fur baby 2 days ago. Watching the DVD definitely eased the pain❤️
  10. Brand New Year 45 Contest!

    Got mine in the mail yesterday!! Thank you Bernie!!! Congrats again to Kirk & Susie B.
  11. Call To Help

    Good morning all - i am a newbie to this page but spent the better part of last night reading posts from members & the ones Eric posted ( come back Eric!) i have been amazed at the content available on this page & hate I just now found it. The reason I'm posting is we could all be a big help to Bernie by becoming supporters of this page - even $5.00 from everyone who is a member could help. I manage 2 pages on Facebook and it is time consuming but nothing compared to the massive amount of work done on this page. I made a small contribution last night and plan do so monthly as long as I am on this page. I hope this is taken in the spirit I meant it to be - just really excited about this page and that there is such a place for those that love Eric to meet. Love to all!! Pam
  12. Call To Help

    I do - I am reading it through the Kindle app. Why do you ask??
  13. Hi to All!

    Hi, I may be new to the forum but definitely not new to Eric and his beautiful music. I have followed him through his work with The Raspberries (a group that should have received more recognition than it did) through his solo career. He has one of the best voices that ever came near a microphone, not to mention the many mega hits he wrote - displaying his ability to convey emotions most of us have felt at one time or another. I know he had classical training on the piano, his love of that genre apparent on many of his ballads. Eric and his music has gotten me through many events on my life, the suicide of my fiancé (which I witnessed), painful breakup with a boyfriend, divorce and the death of my father. He was a big help in getting over the loss & I thank him. I lost my mother in March so once again I'm listening to him to help me deal with it. I hate I've never seen him live - I will travel to see him should I hear of such an opportunity. I will close now and hope to meet new friends sharing a mutual love of an amazing, talented man. He deserves much more acclaim than has been bestowed on him.
  14. Hi to All!

    Thank you! Hi to you and everyone!!! ?
  15. The Greatest Opening...

    Really love this - Eric sounded better than ever on this song. Just hate I never got to see them live! Nothing like a live performance!!
  16. "Eric, Can I Have Your Autograph?"

    Makes me laugh too! Eric sure was handsome there! Great picture?
  17. Brand New Year 45 Contest!

    Yay! Thank you so much!!!!
  18. Eric, A Married Man!

    I saw his post on FB - He married Amy Murphy on Saturday. Wishing them every happiness❤️
  19. Captivity-Week #1

    OMG!! I'm about to die here! That's so funny and trying to read this while at work is going to get me busted! Since I'm crying I'll come up with the old paper cut routine. You are hysterical!! I'll be laughing all day which I'm sure will have people wondering what's wrong with me!!
  20. Hello from Estonia

    Well snap - just realized original thread not recent but welcome just the same ?Welcome - so glad you joined! I'm fairly new to this board but have been a big fan of Eric's since The Raspberries. I love the I Wanna Hear it From Your Lips video too. Eric really really handsome in that - Check out some of the awesome videos on this site as well as YouTube- You will find a wealth of information on this page and really nice people too!!
  21. Happy Tuesday !!

    Just downloaded "Marathon Man" which I would have already started reading but decided I better go to work first. I've seen wonderful reviews and I shall add my glowing review once I finish reading it. Would love to read the book on The Raspberries but it's a little out of my budget (at least the ones I saw). Also trying to locate the CD/DVD of the Reunion - The clips Ive caught on YouTube are fabulous and proved that they still sounded as great as the day they began. Also saw a clip taken from the Bill Bixby show, "The Magician" - think I remember seeing that episode, was a big fan of that program. Have a fabulous Tuesday - do one random act of kindness for someone today !!!
  22. Happy Tuesday !!

    Bernie - I'm sure it was - You have put together the best site I've seen - so much information, pictures, recordings - I've barely scratched the surface on what's here. I hate I missed the interaction with Eric - I'd have loved being able to be part of his discussions. Still hopeful he will surprise us with a visiit online again. Have a great afternoon- now I have a great book to read!!!
  23. James, Sweet James... A Lament

    You guys are so quick with your prose or "limerick"? Not sure I could even compete. But I'll give it a try 'cause I've never been shy I find them all just so sweet. Who is this James that has captured your heart? i don't believe we've even met. I'll gladly say hi, to James, a nice guy. But it's Eric for me from the start❤️
  24. Promoting "Side 3"

    What a great interview- thanks for posting!
  25. Hi to All!

    So great to be meeting so many nice people here!! This is my new fun place to visit!! Im on Facebook & Twitter so feel free to say hi!! Have a great evening!!