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  1. Raspberries Live at Sunset Strip

    Definitely worth every penny! Was so happy to get a copy since I wasn't able to be at any of their shows. Such a talented group - still hoping for a solo show from Eric but afraid he won't do it now.
  2. I'm making a list!

    Missed it too - I've been under the weather and just getting to feeling better! Hope everyone had a great Christmas & New Years!!
  3. TWWUTB cover

    Love that one and Someone That You Loved Before. So sad but just so beautiful all at the same time. ❤️
  4. Raspberries Live at Sunset Strip

    Thank you Bernie - lost mom in March and this was her dog so really hard times this year. Finding this group has helped😀
  5. Raspberries Live at Sunset Strip

    I'm happy too!! I inquired about delivery & Jim Bonfanti replied & had Al Kaston get in touch. Really nice guys - I let Al know I got it & thanked him for responding. Saw Bernie had a lot to do with putting it together! Really loved all the extras - Been a hard week - lost my fur baby 2 days ago. Watching the DVD definitely eased the pain❤️
  6. Just got the special edition CDs & DVD- watched the complete concert. This was so good - so happy they made it available for those of us who didn't make it and those just wanting to relive a great night. The opening montage was wonderful and really well done. Makes me wish they'd do this again. I know that's not going to happen so maybe Eric will decide to do a show - he's got so many hits on his own. If you don't own this, go to The Raspberries' website & order before they run out.
  7. I love that song & that was a great version though none can top the original!! Thanks for sharing - always nice to hear other versions of great songs❤️
  8. This is Music?

    Just suffered through the "musical" guest on the Tonight Show. I am not s fan of rap music as I feel it has little to do with music & vocal ability. I really hate that those growing up today don't have the talent the likes of Eric & the Raspberries to listen to. I know what real music should sound like & outside of a handful of talented people - the choices are pretty bad. People are getting rich and have no real talent - sorry - had to rant. As someone who has been a fan of Eric's since The Raspberries- I find it hard to listen to the garbage that's popular these days. Think I'll go put a Cd of Eric's on. BTW -Happy Halloween 👻🎃
  9. Hi to all!

    Thank you! Hi to you and everyone!!! 😀
  10. The greatest opening...

    Really love this - Eric sounded better than ever on this song. Just hate I never got to see them live! Nothing like a live performance!!
  11. "Eric, Can I Have Your Autograph?"

    Makes me laugh too! Eric sure was handsome there! Great picture😀
  12. This is funny!

    I tried but was outbid at last moment! would love his autograph - Ended up going for $62.50.
  13. This is funny!

    That's what I was thinking - still sitting at $37 - i used to have that album - minus the autograph!!
  14. This is funny!

    It's up to almost $40 with 2 hours left - is it original? i can sure see Eric saying that.
  15. Monday Musings

    Just saw this and wanted to share! What a hoot!! LOL Happy Monday!