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  1. Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) dies

    I don't know where to post this. Another one has died. Kenny Shields, 69, lead singer of Canadian rock band Streetheat, post heart surgery heart failure. One side of his heart couldn't compensate for the 20% oxygenation of the other. Who says people born after World War 2, (between 1945 and 1964 "boomers") can't live long? Eat healthy, get exercise.
  2. Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) dies

    I have never experienced their music, and I have to wonder why people are taking their lives.
  3. Same title, different song

    Well, since that's not fair. maybe one of us Canadians should alert Burton Cummings, Gordon Lightfoot, Anne Murray, maybe Skip Prokop of Lighthouse. I went to highschool with Mr. Prokop's cousin.
  4. Same title, different song

    "Sweet Dreams" - Air Supply "Sweet Dreams (Baby)" - Roy Orbison So I Ieft the "Baby" word out. I read a discussion here once about the over use of the word in the songs some time ago.
  5. Same title, different song

    Tonight You're Mine - Eric Carmen ''Tonight You're Mine" - Shy
  6. Japan Remastered CDs w/Bonus Tracks Coming

    Like WOW! It's like Christmas or the other holiday in summer.
  7. Japan Remasters Reissued?

    Since our dollar is rising a bit these days, it may be feasible. All I need to do is convert the numbers, put my order in, and get my gear. Thanks!
  8. Japan Remasters Reissued?

    Lucky fellow! If the price is still the same, let me know by my PM, (private mail, not Prime Minister), and I can convert it to my CDN dollars for the thing I need to attach to my laptop. I've saved up a lot, and I can tell you because nobody's looking over my shoulder. "Some people's kid, I tell ya", as Ira would put it.
  9. Japan Remasters Reissued?

    Only Eric Carmen would know for sure. If you are concerned, don't fall for bootleggers, even if he has many honest Japanese fans. If it's true, by law he would be given royalties.
  10. Eric: Question About Locomotion

    Como con las familias, tal vez ellos no estaban de acuerdo y se rompieron para arriba sobre todo amistosamente. Tuvieron que pasar. Un par de ellos tienen sus propias bandas. As with families, maybe they disagreed and broke up on mostly friendly terms. They had to move on. A couple of them have their own bands.
  11. Happy Birthday

    Here's a virtual toast to you on your special day. May you have lots of happiness, love, presents and a cake. Forget about watching the news. forget about the chores and let everybody else do things!
  12. Chris Cornell (Soundgarden) dies

    This is awfully sad, and he was five years younger than me. 53 is young these days. The average life-span for people who take care of themselves is 81. From my city newspaper via another media outlet: A plaque marking Chris Cornell's gravesite appears, covered in guitar picks and flowers, following the late singer's funeral at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery on Friday, May 26, 2017, in Los Angeles - Chris Pizzello,The Associated Press Chris Cornell of the band Soundgarden performs during the launch of the video game, "Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock," in Los Angeles, Sept. 27, 2010. - Chris Pizzello,The Associated Press Chris Cornell and his wife, Vicky Karayiannis - Katy Winn,The Associated Press 1 / 3 'DETROIT — After nearly two months of incomplete details, investigative documents from Detroit police help flesh out the final hours of singer Chris Cornell's life. The reports, obtained Tuesday by the Free Press, paint a late-night scene of a frantic wife hundreds of miles away, a dogged bodyguard and a crew of emergency personnel futilely trying to rescue the Soundgarden singer, who was discovered unresponsive on a bathroom floor with a band around his neck. The new documents offer few new revelations about that night in May, when Cornell, 52, was pronounced dead in his suite at the MGM Grand Detroit. But they do offer the most complete official account to date, with documents including a 911 call, scene photographs, investigators' reports and a statement from Cornell's bodyguard. According to the records, obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request, a call from Cornell's wife prompted bodyguard Martin Kirsten to go to the Soundgarden singer's suite — Room 1136 — to check on him "because he did not sound like he was OK." Unable to access the locked room, Kirsten kicked open the main door, then did the same with the interior bedroom door. "I went inside and the bathroom door was partially opened, and I could see his feet," Kirsten told police in a signed statement. The bodyguard loosened the band around Cornell's neck, then tried to resuscitate the singer by compressing his chest, Kirsten said in his statement. Additional medical personnel were summoned, and Cornell was pronounced dead at about 1:30 a.m., an hour and 15 minutes after Kirsten was first contacted by Cornell's wife, Vicky Cornell. Police determined the death to be a suicide, a department spokesperson said. That matches the ruling made public by the Wayne County Medical Examiner's Office the day of Cornell's death. The documents released Tuesday chronicle a several-week investigation into the events of May 18, which followed Soundgarden's performance at the Fox Theatre in Detroit. The death of Cornell, one of the signature voices in modern rock, garnered international attention.' Why? There is help out there. There may be long line-ups, but both our countries need to revise the health care system and the sooner the better.
  13. "Go All The Way", ...2009

    It's just missing that something... the youthful exuberance... that je ne sais quois (I don't know what).
  14. Same title, different song

    "Do I Love You" - Jay and the Americans "Do I Love You" - Paul Anka
  15. "Go All The Way", ...2009

    Usually I don't care for covers, but I shall give it another listen after I listen to what I found by chance, maybe nine or ten times: Eric and Cyrus Eri's "Cindy in the Wind". Years ago, when it was posted here, I would sing and listen to it every day I could. My third child wondered why I'd love to sing the song high soprano with the window open. I must have distracted him from riding his bicycle on the sidewalk, which is illegal here. Ah, to be thirteen again.
  16. Same title, different song

    "You Made Me Love You" - Vanity Fare "You Made Me Love You" - Al Jolson ( others covered Jolson's version).
  17. Same title, different song

    "I Know" - Sonny James "I Know" - Dionne Farris
  18. Same title, different song

    "I Can Hear Your Heartbeat" - Chris Rea "I Can Hear Your Heartbeat" - The Partridge Family
  19. EC Channels Pet Sounds

    Oh, what a treat for a rainy evening! Because I feel undernourished, I stock up on V8. Nobody needs to know, and I don't care. (It's my body preparing for grandmotherhood down the road). Beautiful music, Susie! Eric, if you're lurking, maybe this will spark your inspiration! Puppy eyes, everybody!
  20. How Many Cool Songs Have Used a Harpsichord ?

    Meredith Monk - Memory Song (and several others)
  21. Eric's Book Club

    Gord's turnip. "Overnight Gestation". I am still laughing my a** off over that one. Why didn't I take a screenshot of it? BTW, the man who had the turnip lives in my city and hasn't posted for a couple of years. He could be living nearby, near my sister, or my children, and I may have passed him on the street not knowing. It's a small world, indeed.
  22. The Animals Songs (A New Song Game)

    "The Old Gray Mare" - Collins and Harlen
  23. Same title, different song

    "I Wanna Be With You" - Raspberries "I Wanna Be With You" - The Partridge Family
  24. Same title, different song

    "Rock Me Baby" - Blue Cheer "Rock Me Baby - David Cassidy
  25. Same title, different song

    "Hold Me Now" - Thompson Twins "Hold Me Now" - Johnny Logan