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  1. 20 Years of - Day 19

    James, there are many 'Berries and Eric Carmen that should have been pressed. We'd better get an online petition going. Forget the mail system. The going rate for a one-pound letter is outrageous these days. EC was overly self critical. I remember subconscious suggestions from the seventies on TV ads. We need a writer's advice on how to insert these into the petition! Yes, My evil side is coming out today. Already told somebody today I can perfectly defend myself and she's in hiding! The great things Bernie showed us this month helped a lot!
  2. Same title, different song

    "Bye Bye Love" - The Everly Brothers "Bye Bye Love" - The Cars
  3. 20 Years of - Day 20

    Thanks for the fun, Sir! To quote one of my other favorite groups."Wasn't That a Party?" By the way, is there any chance of that auction, soon?
  4. 20 Years of Eric - Day 18

    The pout is visible on the avatar.
  5. Fyre Festival

    I'm just about to turn in for the night and you mention Celine Dion? The only one who made her sound good was Luciano Pavarotti. Now I have to pray I have no nightmares. There are some Canadian singers I try to avoid! I'm not THAT far-fetched patriotic.
  6. 20 Years of Eric - Day 18

    He's likely sleeping. we're likely in the same zone or possibly he's in the zone east of Nancy Moon and me, so it's either 12:30 or 1:30 AM Tuesday. I'm ready to turn in for the night unless something unexpected happens, like someone slamming the flipping door. Earplug time.
  7. 20 Years of Eric - Day 18

    Sometimes, one just has to go by one's gut feelings when doing anything like music, even compositions for high school. Go by what you feel is right. Sometimes revisions mess things up. As a child, I never used rough drafts to do essays. I went with my heart, just correcting grammar and spelling, and amazed my teachers and parents. EC goes by his feeling and ears, and quite well!
  8. "I Need You", Eric Carmen

    It is unbelievable how many covers of the song one can find. Many songs with the same title, but differing lyrics and melodies as well.

    Somebody can start a thread for female sax players, like "Fakers or Players?" We've been through female banjo covers of Eric's music, female guitarists, et al. If Eric doesn't know, the producers won't tell, only the woman in that video would know for sure.
  10. "I Need You", Eric Carmen

    I dig this.
  11. "I Need You", Eric Carmen

    Yes, it was. IMHO the originals usually are. I found the 3T version several weeks ago. Tito's sons covered it well, and I mentioned it in the SameTitle/Different Lyrics game weeks ago. Euclid Beach Band's is my favorite, though.
  12. Aimee Mann "Yesterday Once More"

    MikeC: You have used great symbolism, imagery, emotion to the extent that if I were an English teacher I'd hire you to get my last two offspring through their fifth year of high school. Do you anything about iambic pentameter? Poor James has nothing on you. (Just joking James). I lost a sonnet I had written 22 years ago for my daughter in a move, so I turned to fanfiction as a hobby. The fanfiction cannot be sold because of the laws, but I was advised to write children's stories by a relative. I can't remember being in a child's world. Hopefully somebody will offer you a well paying job writing. I doubt Mr. Carmen would go for parodies, Carole King would find it ridiculous, David Foster might laugh his gluteal muscles off, though.
  13. Happy Birthday Nancy Moon

    Hoping you're having a splendid birthday with lots of presents and fun. We're neighbors!
  14. Same title, different song

    "Now and Forever" - Richard Marx "Now and Forever" - Carole King "Now and Forever" - Air Supply "Now and Forever" - Anne Murray and Drake's version. I'm busily waiting out a heat wave. I can send it to Osama's son, or maybe elsewhere, but Iove humankind too much to do that.
  15. Happy Father's Day

    Even if I'm not with my last two boys' father, who took my daughter under his wing, I called to wish him the best. Most fathers are good at what they do, and I salute them. Mine was my best resource for humor and fixing things. In some way, after 21 years in Heaven, I believe he's looking out for me and his four grandchildren.
  16. Same title, different song

    "Sooner or Later" - The Grass Roots "Sooner or Later" - Bernadette Peters
  17. 20 Years of Eric - Day 16

    Indeed. I wonder who... Kirk, ask anyone near Nancy Moon, Marvin or me what a 2fer is. Translate it to two - four, and it's a great way to celebrate a few holidays where the Bob and Doug McKenzie live and breathe. Back to my daily dose of the real music!
  18. 20 Years of Eric - Day 17

    Mmm Mmm Good! If only I had the tools to clear up the resolution, but I have a vivid imagination.) I don't have the funds to pay Campbell's for use of their slogan, but we're related,) This is a lovely treat, Bernie! Oh, and that HAIR!
  19. 20 Years of Eric - Day 18

    Ooooo... This is the best version ever! Mr. Cinematic35 wouldn't need to augment anything with this masterpiece. Bernie, if you're a father, enjoy the day. Mine has been deceased 21 years, but love is forever.
  20. I read this on Eric's tweets, and found it, but I have no account there. For those of us who don't, here it is:
  21. 20 Years of Eric - Day 16

    My condolences about your Dad. Mine would have been 107 this month, and this year Father's Day would have been my parents' 59th anniversary.
  22. 20 Years of Eric - Day 16

    Ahem... this is Day 17, isn't it? What's wrong? Guess it's because we're listening to other groups off and on as the clock ticks 'minute by minute' as some group sang. Since it's dark where you reside, you're not mowing the lawn. Patience is a virtue, I know.
  23. 20 Years of Eric - Day 16

    Yes. I'd love to be back in those days, but still with my children to enjoy them with me! I loved Miami Vice, and even go up to the early 1990s, but regarding the acting and writing in 2017, I hardly watch television.
  24. Christa Speck Krofft R.I.P.

    BTW, Carrie Fisher's autopsy revealed more than just a heart attack. She had sleep apnea, was on several medications, and her arteries were full of fat build up. The coroner is still not positive. The character of Princess Leia will not be reprised. Hopefully nobody else famous or otherwise leaves us today.
  25. Happy Birthday Cynthiaalma

    Sorry about being late. Hopefully it was a great day!