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  1. 20 years of

    The site may be 20, but several members here are in a country celebrating 150 years of Confederation. As i was just looking at the folks online section, I stumbled upon Sterling's 2008 post for a quiz about Canada. The link doesn't work for it anymore, and I was a member then (before I had to leave for some reason) and I recall saying schools taught very little of history except explorers, and I mentioned Jim Carrey Had a boat in our harbor. It would be nice if Bernie or somebody else found it. Happy Birthday to all of us here and up in the \North!
  2. hungryeyes, please let Gord Harris Know I have resided in his city, Hamilton, for 56 of my 58 years.

    Tell him I'm in the area of King St. E. and Sherman. If he says the city has gone down hill, believe him.


  3. Happy 45th Anniversary "Go All The Way"

    A lot of us were lying in our bed with the transistor radio 'way back when... until the teacher found out and called Mom and Dad. For our musical needs, it was CHUM AM, CKOC AM and CHML AM even WBEN in Buffalo.
  4. Same title, different song

    This version is so much better than the other song. I found it by accident! "Down By the Station" - The Four Preps "Down By The Station" - The Kiboomers" I remember, a station is a building, a train is a mode of transportation. Lack of sleep.
  5. Happy 45th Anniversary "Go All The Way"

    The guests were Joe Namath, NFL football player and tennis champion Billy Jean King, and I missed it because I was in an eighth grade classroom! I had to listen to the song on my tiny radio outside my parents' house. My parents would not have liked that song.
  6. Same title, different song

    Everything's fine now. Sometimes my computer is just finicky. Since it's getting more difficult to find more songs for this game, I spent two hours updating my operating system, bored out of mind, nothing noteworthy on TV. Who wants to read Harlequin Romances when someone in the area is letting off fireworks for our Monday Holiday celebration of Queen Elizabeth 2' great -grandmother's birthday.It's the 2 -4 weekend, no 24 pack of beer and we're not waiting until mid - week, the real 24th.
  7. Lady Guitarists, Name Some

    Bonnie Raitt - Love Me Like a Man
  8. Lady Guitarists, Name Some

    Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell. Susanna Hoffs (The Bangles)...
  9. "I'm Just A Lie, NOT A Bill"

    For a moment, I thought it was about computers being held for ransom, but things are under control. I was a little older when the show came out. Cartoon World, well I wonder what EC's opinion would be. I think he has a sense of humor!
  10. Same title, different song

    Hah! It must have sensed your dislike for that version, since it didn't show up when I clicked on the arrow. I'll take your word for it and not bother looking it up. My favorite soap opera, "How to Rid a White House of a Big Pest", is now playing. Flashbacks of 1972! Yikes!!!
  11. 1978 - What The Heck Was it?

    Maybe a lot of we missed out on was on the FM band? Most of were listening to AM at the time. I'm listening to "Time Bomb" right now, and it's good!
  12. Chris Cornell (Soundgarden) dies

    I just read that. We won't know for a few hours, though, what happened.
  13. Time to Travel, Choose Your Mode of Transport

    This may fall into two categories, since a station is a building, and a train transports people. I know it's a children's song. No I won't grow up. My father said he wouldn't, so I don't want to either. "Down by the Station" - The Kiboomers.
  14. Any vehicle will do. Go for it! Rather exhausted with Same Title, Different Song
  15. Aimee Mann "Yesterday Once More"

    Why did it reappear several posts above? Now I've double-posted in some way. The one I used was a different URL, and it is on file.
  16. Aimee Mann "Yesterday Once More"

    It couldn't be viewed a few minutes ago, so I dug it up again. If you love it, save it to file! I call it not actually stealing, just borrowing. Sort of. Disclaimer: No copyright infringemnt intended, I do not own it, I'm saving my money, I'm starving...
  17. Shags - 60's Garage band

    Okay, I found four cover versions of "It's Cold Outside" so far: "Tattoo" in 1976 "Stiv Bators" in 1979 "Hard-Ons" in 1987 "The Queers" April 9, 2002 "The Shags" came in several forms with that particular spelling. One band from West Haven, Connecticut. another from Winnipeg, Alberta, and "The Shag" (no 's') from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The double 'g' "Shaggs" were three women in an outsider band whose father predicted they would be stars. They played off and on from 1966 to 1976 when one of the girls, Austin, died. They were formed in Fremont, New Hampshire, usually doing gigs at the town hall. That all said and done, I haven't found any cover of "It's Cold Outside" by these groups. I remember wanting a shag haircut back then, and I regretted it. Finally, it's levelled off and down to my waist. BTW, it isn't cold outside where I live. 85 F !
  18. Shags - 60's Garage band

    I promised to swear off my laptop for a while, but when I read about the band, i did some research, and there were several garage bands back then by the same name. The Shags from Winnipeg Alberta, and a few more in the US. A couple of them even spelled it the 'Shaggs'. No sign of the song "It's Cold Outside". Back to reading an article about the Canadian lexicon, and the history of words like "eh". (Nope, never use it).
  19. Aimee Mann "Yesterday Once More"

    What a coincidence (or maybe not). I just went to YT after lunch and reading the news, and many Carpenters songs, enhanced, were posted! "Sing"!

    Sir Paul as Uncle Jack, and some nitwit out there wants to hold the movie for ransom. Ha! Anyone who knows the technology or has a friend in the business please get to work. Please, please, please.

    I just read through Johnny Depp's biography. Anybody else believe he's not acting, but playing his childhood self? I do. Gotta check the local listings. Sir Paul could have been Depp's father had he been through Owensboro, Kentucky, in 1962.
  22. Aimee Mann "Yesterday Once More"

    The problem with people who eat too little over time have shrunken stomachs. You need to build up intake gradually, your capacity increases, then you can eat normally. Because I live in a lodging home for the time being, I turn away processed food, buy affordable supplemental shakes, and once I leave, I have all I need to know to blow the whitle on the cheap owners of lodging homes, retirement homes and long-term care facilities. I may be hungry sometimes, but I respect my body more than fake food and potato chips. Fresh fruit, real vegetables, whole grains and real milk! If you think you're obese, ask your family doctor.
  23. Aimee Mann "Yesterday Once More"

    Great tribute. There's something about modern sense of body imagery that just doesn't matter to me anymore since I met a woman with anorexia. Part of the problem is the darn media promoting thinness. When my daughter, taller then me, 99 pounds complained about feeling cold most of the time, I told her to eat. Response:"I don't want to be a fatty." Well I gained weight to make her, and really, after two more children, I like myself as I am. I tried losing weight once and I didn't need to! As Long as you are active you are healthy. I accept people for their personality traits, manner and values. BTW, where is Twiggy these days?
  24. 1978 - What The Heck Was it?

    I assure you that you are not the only one. At age 19 back then, I missed out on a lot volunteering at greenhouses and nursing homes and what was I listening to back then? My parents' music, but I did manage to get in a little Raspberries and Bee Gees, in the backyard, and my folks would have drawn and quartered me! I had a lot of the 70's music before some idiotic Member of my Parliament decided to pass a bill for 30& Canadian content, turning into 50%, but I love American, Canadian, British, Dutch, Swedish (ABBA) and even my Mom said \i could have aced "Name That Tune"! Then, suddenly I was going back to school at 29 to 31, and becoming a Mom of a preemie boy, a girl 17 months later, another boy 2.5.years later, then the last boy 2 years later. I had to sneak in my listening and cassette taping and television. I guess much of the good music died in the early 90's. Try telling the kids these days about REAL music. Like I've said, we erased many horrific 'tunes' from my 22-year-old's ipod. Now that she's working, no more music. Yes, I did read up on the Gershwin brothers. Genius. I bet EC studied them as well.
  25. Orchestra 88 minus 55

    I know this is old, and I found it by looking at who was online, but it begs some questions: Who, What, Why, When, Where and How? Take it down to 22 for a discount. Sounds more like a dirge. The nerve of somebody using a nice Clevelander's picture!!!