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  1. These Songs and Videos Are Perfect For the Potus

    Can't possibly agree much more with you. No matter who you vote for with party systems, at least for Canucks and 'mericans, who really wins if it looks like a circus?
  2. These Songs and Videos Are Perfect For the Potus

    Usually, when I lose a page for posting here or the music I am listening to, I click on the arrow on the left side of the page and it appears in history.Try that. So, now Mr. Trump reportedly wants to pull out of the NAFTA talks. He could change his mind within a few minutes while I'm cheating on Eric and the'Berries with The Grass Roots, from the days when music was understood AS music.
  3. Same title, different song

    "Sandy" - The Hollies "Sandy" - John Travolta ( as "Danny Zuko" in "Grease")
  4. These Songs and Videos Are Perfect For the Potus

    Well, there are several reasons: 1.) Many members of his own party (Republican) are not happy with Donald Trump anymore. 2.) 35 states depend upon Canada for many products such as electricity, lumber, trade with milk and it's by-products. 3.) Americans are apologising to us for his threats. 4.) Many Americans didn't want a leader who changes his mind on issues over and over again. 5.) The scientists in Canada are offering space to scientists who need to do their medical research, because the president isn't treating them quite well He's prejudiced. 6.) The way he treated during and after his campaign, and maybe now, is not what decent men do. 7.) To many political experts it looks like he wants to fight other countries. It's possible he could start things he could regret very soon. There are many other reasons to laugh, and then dismiss him as the wrong choice for a national ruler. We love our American neighbors and relatives a lot. Does he? It doesn't feel like he loves many people.
  5. These Songs and Videos Are Perfect For the Potus

    There are too many parodies for him to bookmark, but I wish there was room for them.
  6. These Songs and Videos Are Perfect For the Potus

    "Big Bad Don" I forgot the artists since this is way too much fun! (Somebody and Ray Acuff).
  7. Donald Trump's Theme ( I have no idea how to embed here). "It's Hard to Be Humble" by Mac Davis.
  8. Donald Trump's Theme ( I have no idea how to embed here). "It's Hard to Be Humble" by Mac Davis.
  9. Cuba Gooding Sr. Died

    What's with this epidemic in today's world? Fentanyl, opium derivatives, and now my city for one needs Naloxone kits in every mall and public place to save people! If you need help, see a doctor or talk it out with a good listener. May I please change the subject?
  10. Best 50's Hits

    "Green Door" - Frankie Vaughan, and some others.
  11. Same title, different song

    "Young Love" - Sonny James "Young Love" - The Outfield
  12. Same title, different song

    "Tonight You're Mine" - Eric Carmen "Tonight You're Mine" - The Outfield
  13. Happy Birthday Nancy Moon

    Hoping you're having a splendid birthday with lots of presents and fun. We're neighbors!
  14. That's an awesome idea! I have my doubts about social media these days, though, especially in my area. I need to do some research and figure the thing out first. Anybody else should get over there as soon as they can.
  15. Since I've returned after a hiatus, I see older threads with name that go back further than 2014. Just because the Raspberries broke up, got together again a few times, and Eric Carmen is rather busy with a new marriage doesn't mean we can still remember the music, ask for more, and talk about the songs, albums and lyrics. It's amazing the wonderful friends one makes and the knowledge acquired. A 20-year-old fan site means a lot these days! It's "All For Love", citation Eric Carmen.