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    Music, drawing, gardening, fishing, hiking.
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    I am a professional cake decorator.
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  1. Eric's Tweets

    Such sad news for Eric and his Family! My prayers go out to them, loving memories forever! I lost my Mom at age 19, still miss here everyday! cynthiaalma
  2. Happy Birthday Cynthiaalma

    Thank you to everyone who sent me Birthday wishes, I have been dealing with computer issues and have not been able to log on. cynthiaalma
  3. J Geils Died

    RIP James Geil, I saw him years ago at the Mayday Festival, The J. Geils Band was the opener for Jethro Tull, all was going well until some losers in the crowd started throwing beer bottles at the band. Peter Wolfe stopped the show and told people that Tull will not come out until the crowd stops acting like animals. They listened to him and we did see Jethro Tull the rest of the festival was great! I never realized he lived in Groton MA, next town over from Pepperell MA where I grew up. See you when I get there Peter. cynthiaalma

    Birdie, Sorry to hear of you loss, You are in my prayers! cynthiaalma
  5. This is Music?

    I totally agree Pam! The music today has no real vocal talent never mind the fact there isn't any REAL musicians anymore!! cynthiaalma
  6. Hope you have a wonderful Birthday Jackie!!!:D

  7. Gene Wilder 1933-2016 He was 83

    Gene was a very talented actor, he will be missed, yes I hope to see a movie marathon coming soon!
  8. Happy Birthday, Eric!

    Happy Birthday dear Eric, your Raspberry sweet, with a voice like an angel your OUR special treat! Your fans here adore you!! Blessing to you this coming year! cynthiaalma
  9. Happy Birthday, Eric!

    Yes, here's wishing Eric a wonderful Birthday from all his fans! I will raise a toast for you Eric! Hope you have a very special Birthday! Best wishes and hugs cynthiaalma
  10. WORST Beach Boys Song

    Wow, what strangeness!!
  11. An early Birthday wish for you blackhawkpat!! Hope you day is special!!


  12. Happy Birthday Cynthiaalma

    Hi prettymom777, Thank you, I did have a good day,,,and yes it is only a number!!
  13. Happy Birthday Cynthiaalma

    Thank you so much susie b, had a nice lunch with my daughter at Pickety Place in Mason nh, Its the home of the author of Little Red Riding Hood. Awesome place!!
  14. Happy Birthday Cynthiaalma

    Thank you so much GirlFan! I appreciate your thoughtfulness!
  15. Rest in peace Christina Grimmie

    So sad, the state of our world these days!!!!