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  1. Hello from UK

    Hi Angie! Welcome to the ec.com family!!!!
  2. Happy belated birthday!!! Hoping your birthday was joyful!!!!
  3. Eric Carmen Primer

    What the........?????????
  4. Pardon The Dust...

  5. Pardon The Dust...

    Thank you, Bernie!!!!!
  6. The Infamous Sweet vs. Eric Carmen War!

    The Sweet forum stormed by Lew & crew.... http://thesweet.com/hsh/forums.html

    Wishing you happiness and joy on your birthday, Redd!!!
  8. Pardon The Dust...

    Bernie...kindly return the heart emoji, pretty please....
  9. Happy Birthday Susie b

    Meet my birthday gift... Louisiana Purchase, aka "Lou". My sweet NipNtuck passed away under his favorite tree last month, and I think Nip chose Lou for me. They are very similar in personality, looks & stature. This big fella is 16.3. He is at the quarantine farm which will be his home for a couple of weeks.
  10. Happy Birthday Susie b

    Thank you, everyone! I had a beautiful birthday!
  11. Ask Eric, Forums and Members...Oh My!

    Sometimes, you've just got to do a little housekeeping ... much appreciated, Bernie.
  12. Happy Birthday, Pam!!!!

    Wishing you much happiness and joy on your birthday, Pam!!!!
  13. EC Songs: Aventurine & Second Moon

    A beautiful birthday tribute, Naeko! I'm certain that EC enjoyed his birthday gift!!!!
  14. Moderator Kirk!!!

    What happens if we misbehave, Kirk? What????? NO Kirk video posts of EC covers for a week?????? Ok, I promise to be a good girl!!!! All kidding aside, congratulations!!! Bernie is a smart cookie to place his confidence in you, and I'm sure that Tim could use your help in wrangling this wild bunch.