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  1. 20 years of

    Happy 20th!!!! Cake for everyone!!!!
  2. Oh, my.... Is it a parody, or is it sincere? I can't tell. Puzzling...
  3. Happy Valentines Day

  4. Muzza & Miss Kiwi, Wishing you happiness and joy on the occasion of your 22nd year together, and wishing you many more fun filled years as you explore life and its many wonders. Love, Susie

    Wishing you happiness and joy on your birthday, Birdy. Enjoy!!!! With love, Susie
  6. Joan Jett Talks Eric's Guitar

    Bump.... Is this the EC guitar in this timely piece of music? RIP MTM
  7. Sonny Geraci dies

    I heard the news yesterday from Dennis sad. Such a beautiful voice and a kind heart. He and Dennis performed together for the Coats for Kids campaign in Ohio. Thoughts and prayers to his family, friends and fans. Heaven has another angel.
  8. Happy Birthday Mary Ellen!

    Wishing you happiness and joy on your birthday, Mary Ellen!
  9. The good, bad, and ugly

    I read the warning.... I should have listened to Kirk and NOT listened to the video!!! Ouch.... Definitely not the Yardbirds, not the Byrds, not the "Berries nor ANY close facsimile thereof. BE WARNED!!!!!
  10. Happy Birthday GirlFan

    Wishing you happiness and joy on your birthday, Tammy! !! With love, Susie
  11. Happy Birthday, Bernie!!!!

    Happy Birthday, Bernie!!!! To the man who makes it all happen... our own wizard...our man behind the curtain... Wishing you the happiest and most joyous of birthdays! Be spoiled and eat LOTS of cake, and remember the milk! Best wishes for a beautiful birthday to my brother from a different mother. With much love, Susie
  12. Passion

    Wow....never heard this Tom Jones song before. Love it!
  13. Chicago 2005

    "It was a cold, cold night to be wearing a short, short skirt, but definitely one of my all time favorite concerts... "
  14. Someone uploaded Paul's Eagles tribute from the December 3, 2016 concert! Enjoy!