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  1. Happy Birthday, Hossy!!!!

    Wishing you much happiness and joy on your birthday, Hossy!!!! Love, Susie
  2. NGFILA pet project

    This fella knows the song by heart...notice there is no open sheet music! Love the kitty!
  3. Love Is All That Matters- China

    Wow! This gorgeous EC song (one of my personal favorites) is so universal in its beauty and message. It knows no boundary or demarcation. This fella proves the point as do the Spanish and Filipino singers I have seen. His vocals and piano may be slightly off, but his passion for this song is there. His piano skills are far superior to mine, and his English surpasses my modest Chinese vocabulary. As beloved as EC and his music are, perhaps world peace is possible. 這首歌很美
  4. Happy Birthday, Raspathens!!!!

    Oooops.... A late but sincere, Happy Belated Birthday, Raspathens!!!!! Hope it was wonderful!!!!! Love, Susie
  5. Happy Birthday Prettymom777

    Wishing you happiness and joy on your birthday! Vous souhaitant bonheur et joie pour votre anniversaire! With love, Susie
  6. Time to Travel, Choose Your Mode of Transport

    The 'Berries channel the Beach Boys.... Raspberries - Drivin' Around
  7. Time to Travel, Choose Your Mode of Transport

    So VERY many car songs by the Beach Boys.... Our Car Club ... Beach Boys
  8. Time to Travel, Choose Your Mode of Transport

    Jan & Dean Sidewalk Surfin'
  9. Time to Travel, Choose Your Mode of Transport

    Hot Rod Lincoln - Commander Cody
  10. Is Lew still in jail? Did Muzza post his bail?

    Birdy, So very sorry to hear this terrible news. Your family and all whose lives she touched are in the prayers of the family. If there is ANYTHING we can do for you, just say the word.

  13. 20 years of

    Happy 20th!!!! Cake for everyone!!!!
  14. Oh, my.... Is it a parody, or is it sincere? I can't tell. Puzzling...