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  1. There are two different lineups, depending on how Wally is feeling.
  2. The Razzz will be performing in January 2020. The band features Wally Bryson and Bill March (bass player of Beau Coup).
  3. Gilbert O’Sullivan

    Wow, Craig! That is hilarious! Loved Salt & Pepper Diner, and I can just picture the events unfolding. There were several locations. This one had a great facade.
  4. Disgusting Romantic

    Indeed, Lew!!! She is an insightful and articulate lady. Always enjoy Miss AnneNR's posts!
  5. Nice drum cover GATW

    Forget the Solid Gold Dancers... I like the GOTG Dancers!!
  6. Today article about our boy...

    And it's so rare today to be have the occasion to use the word fealty in a sentence. I do keep my political opinions to myself, but I can say that Mr. Friedman should have taken more than five minutes to write this article.
  7. Today article about our boy...

    P.T. Barnum is quoted as saying, "There is no such thing as bad publicity."
  8. NGFILA American Bandstand

    Funny you should post this video today... Today is Dick Clark's birthday!
  9. Happy Birthday, Kirk... 2019

    My mom was a Thanksgiving baby, too! Birthday cake goes nicely with turkey!
  10. Happy Birthday, Kirk... 2019

    A bit late, but still sincere... Hoping your birthday was wonderful, Kirk!
  11. Happy Birthday, LC... 2019

    Wishing you happiness and joy on your birthday, LC!!! Hoping that Lucy and the girls have a great day planned for you!!!
  12. Vinyl & other stuff

    I have always had my vinyl collection, hauling it from my childhood home to college to apartments to my home where, unfortunately, it was damaged by my house fire with the survivor being EC's first solo album and some 45's. It was a HUGE collection, much like Marvin's, and many items are out of print, such as my 78's and 45's. I am in the unique position to start over. I have always haunted used record shops looking for rare and import discs, and when I traveled overseas, I would collect foreign versions of my favorite artists' works. One of my all-time favorite record stores, and a favorite haunt in college, was the big old Broadway location in Nashville of the Great Escape. Spent plenty of time and money there adding to my vinyl collection. Sad to hear that after 33 years they got priced out of the neighborhood with gentrification. The Great Escape is now on eBay and online, but nothing beats thumbing through the stacks, and in Nashville, I was in pretty good company. Lots of musicians shopped there, too. All were friendly and happy to chat with a college co-ed. Vinyl has a warm sound. I greatly prefer analog to digital. I love reading liner notes and have been known to study an album cover for hours. There is also a physicality to vinyl, the whole process of cueing up a record, the drop of the needle, etc. I knew every pop on some of my old and worn LPs. I remember the programming notes written on album labels at my college radio station, WRVU. Notes as to whether the song cut cold at the end or faded out. The DJ had to know these things. I am slowly but eagerly rebuilding my collection. Wishing you the best as you build your own library, James. Remember, the journey is half the fun! https://thegreatescapeonline.com/CustomPage/8701
  13. Raspberries Reunion: 15th Anniversary!

    A whole lot of talent and determination in that photo... not to mention how good-looking they all are!
  14. Go All The Way - 10th Anniversary LIVE!

    Time sure flies. A lot has happened in these past 15 years.
  15. Nino Rota