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  1. The End Of An Era

    Hoping we can work some magic to save the message board. Thanking Eric for creating the music which bonded our souls and Bernie for creating the site that bonded our hearts. 😘
  2. My New CD: "Radio Paradise (Forever 18)

    Congratulations, Pat! Looking forward to the arrival of my copy! ❤️
  3. Paul McCartney "Fuh You"

    I like early Paul stuff... the older he gets, the less I like the music. Once we get past "Live and Let Die" and "Band on the Run", I just lose interest. Guess I'm just a cynical Lennonist.
  4. Paul McCartney "Fuh You"

    Yup ... I agree. Although he has penned some great tunes, who put "Let 'em In" and "Silly Love Songs" on the airwaves????? I always thought they were schlocky.
  5. Happy Birthday, Eric!

    Happy birthday, Eric! Wishing you happiness and joy!
  6. Bay City Rollers member dies

    So sad.... Alan was a founding member. Ian replaced Alan when he left the band. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/02/obituaries/alan-longmuir-a-founder-of-the-bay-city-rollers-dies-at-70.html
  7. Happy St.Patricks Day

    Happy St. Patrick's Day to All... may the pot of gold you find be all the treasures you already have in your heart...
  8. Raspberries on PBS??

    That would be pretty wonderful!!!!!
  9. It Hurts Too Much TopPop

    And Kirk hits a grand slam .... this video was well worth the wait and wading through all of the EC-wanna-be's. Thank you, Grand Master of the EC.com Videos!
  10. Happy Valentine's Day

    Thank you, Tammy. Wishing you and everyone in the EC.com family a warm and wonderful Valentine's Day!!! ...and Ash Wednesday.
  11. Love Is All That Matters cover

    Sorry... I just don't care for her rendition. I couldn't even make it through the whole song.
  12. Helloooooo... Is Anybody Out There?

    Thank you, Anne! So nice to know you are still popping in !!!! I miss your posts.
  13. My buddy Dennis Lewin, who has the keyboard credits on this record, posted this photo today on FB. Thank you, Glennda & Dennis!!!