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  1. Santa Baby....hurry down the chimney!!!


  2. Hi Handsome!

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    2. LC


      Whatcha doin'?


    3. susie b

      susie b

      Just missing you and wanted to say hi!


    4. LC


      Thank you! :-) 

      It's nice to be remembered. Hope you're well! 

  3. Hi Sue...

    Welcome to the wacky world of EC.com!

    Glad to have you here!



    1. Sousa


      Thank You Susie!

      Thank you for the welcome, I appreciate it, looking forward to reading about music and learning other opinions.

      I hope you enjoyed the holidays!


  4. Thank-you Susie b!!  I'VE GOT SOME FANTASTIC NEWS TO SHARE!  I found out, it was suppose to be a surprise to me, but someone had a "slip-of-the-tongue", persay, and I heard it.........   I'M GOING TO BE A GRANDMOTHER!!  WHOOO-HOOO!  I'M GOING TO BE A GRANDMOTHER!!  My first grandchild!  A blessing!!  I have two others, which they are step-grandchildren.  One is 18 and in college, the other is 13, and in Junior High.  I love them too, but this one will probably be my one and only blood Grandchild.  I hope the good Lord let's me stay around long enough to watch him/her grow!  WHAT A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY THIS IS FOR ME!! 

    1. susie b

      susie b

      That is so cool!  What great news, just in time for the holidays...truly joyful news worth celebrating!!!!!

      Congrats, Grandmama!



    2. CAcater