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  1. What are we doing here

    The issues are courtesy and good manners, you know... old fashioned American family values. Maybe my time here is over.
  2. What are we doing here

    As someone with a handicapped individual in the family, I understand Jim's concern about the walkers comment, however, I believe that the intent of the post was made as a jest as to the age of concert goers rather than an attack on the handicapped. And yes, the comments do get sexual, and after awhile, it gets old. I believe it is meant in good fun, but this is a public forum, and family members of all ages do have access to all but Cartoon World and Ecstacy. As a both a model and a writer, I am quite comfortable with both my body and freedom of speech/expression. Restoration comedy is one of my favorite literary eras, and it is quite bawdy and licentious, so "comedy of manners" topics fail to offend me. But, it has its time and place. My suggestion is to use some discretion so everyone feels welcome. Maybe some of our female members may return if the fraternity hijinks mellow. 😊
  3. Nice..

    Mom always said, if you can't say something nice... I'll just say I adore the original EC version. This version, not at all.
  4. 90s, top 10 songs?

    Nice choice, Craig!!! Always liked Del Amitri!!!
  5. Dear Support Group…

    Let's face it, they let anyone fly these days. It's like an airborne Greyhound bus. Gone are the days when people actually "dressed" to travel and conducted themselves with decorum. One of my dearest friends has been a flight attendant for years and has told me all the horror stories. Many of these passengers should have been denied passage by the gate agent due to intoxication.
  6. 90s, top 10 songs?

    Good song, Craig! I remember I really liked that song and show. I think it was cancelled pretty quickly, which was a shame.
  7. Dear Support Group…

    A little late for your takeoff, but on the return flight, just put on your earbuds and lose yourself in good music. 😊
  8. 90s, top 10 songs?

    And how could I forget the BoDeans? Nick Kitsos drummed with them for awhile (as well as with Poi Dog Pondering), and Nick was a good buddy of my fella as they shared studio space. Anyway, here are the boys from back in the day.
  9. 90s, top 10 songs?

    Love this song! Always thought it had a Lou Reed vibe. Johnette is SO good! 😊
  10. 90s, top 10 songs?

    Michael & crew had an impact on the '90s.
  11. 90s, top 10 songs?

    Gin Blossoms, anyone?
  12. 90s, top 10 songs?

    Johnette Napolitano and Concrete Blonde are a must for any 1990's mix.
  13. 90s, top 10 songs?

    James, Did you see my above post of Fade Into You? Wikipedia probably will give you a basic overview of Mazzy Star. It's complicated.
  14. 90s, top 10 songs?

    Just one more... You know, the '90s were pretty darn fun! Thanks, James!!!!
  15. 90s, top 10 songs?