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  1. Double Fantasy

    I think Art Garfunkel would do a lovely version. He is one of the few male artists who has the sensitivity to deliver an EC song the way it is supposed to be. I love his versions of Since I Don't Have You & I Only Have Eyes For You.
  2. Interesting topic and response...

    This is a tough one. I keep changing my mind.
  3. Brave soul...

    I agree, Kirk. This fella tries to reach deep for the essence of the song rather than copycatting. It is a good try, indeed. I would like to hear him play on a real piano, as I think his electronic keyboard limits him.
  4. Guitarist Vincent Bell dies at 84

    The Wrecking Crew FB acknowledgement of Bell's passing.
  5. Guitarist Vincent Bell dies at 84

    We lost another very talented musician. Another icon... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vinnie_Bell
  6. Double Fantasy

    NKC is an excellent choice!
  7. Ginger Baker dies

    He was an innovator and a pioneer... just not a people person.
  8. Double Fantasy

    Most covers of EC's classic, All By Myself, fall into three main categories: acceptable, mediocre, and abominable. Of course there sometimes is a rare and shining moment when a good cover is uploaded. EVERYONE wants to cover this song well, but that club has a short list of membership. So, my question is, who would you nominate get a shot at joining the ABM Hall of Fame? Who would you choose to get a shot at doing this 20th century classic Carmen/Rachmaninoff composition justice? It can be any singer, past or present from any musical gendre. They just have to sing the song as it should be sung... Crazy stupid vocal gymnastics substituting for poor emotive and storytelling skills will result in an automatic disqualification as well as a permanent ban on that artist's permission to sing EC penned songs. Who in your opinion is good enough to make the grade? I think my first nomination will be Miss Karen Carpenter. Her voice was rich and lush with excellent pitch control, and Karen was a master at telling emotional stories through song.
  9. A lot of reviewers from that era got caught in their own self importance. The whole corporatization of rock was disgusting although a part of the growing pains.
  10. Those who can do. Those who can't write the reviews, unless of course you were Jane Scott.
  11. Knock Knock, Who’s There?

    Maybe we need to cajole him ...
  12. Ric Ocasek Found dead

    I've always liked this Cars inspired Fountains of Wayne song. Note the little boy who looks an awful lot like Ric as well as the license plate on Rachel Hunter's convertible. Lots of other Cars inspired homages to enjoy, like the pool scene homage to Fast Times At Ridgemont High featuring The Cars' Moving In Stereo. And there is an homage to Judge Reinhold's other infamous scene from Fast Times...
  13. Eric's opinion of Badfinger

    Yes, LC! EC is an articulate storyteller. He makes one feel as though they are witnessing the event.
  14. HELP!

    Lew............. And just HOW long must a girl wait for your Lewificence to answer my inquiry?????????? I'm waiting... for Godot it would seem. Just askin'...
  15. Fess up, Bernie...

    There certainly is something special about this message board. I did join the Brian Wilson message board but left after a day or so. The people seemed nice enough, but it just lacked that je ne sais quoi that only EC.com has.