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    essential Eric carmen all of them
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    Born to love you,

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  1. "Eric, Can I Have Your Autograph?"

    I would frame it too and keep always
  2. Never Say Die!

    Love love love this I could listen to Eric all day
  3. "Go All the Way" Remix

    Like was different love those raspberries
  4. IWBWY from HBO's "Vinyl"

    The vocal the music just don't cut it with me not enough passion like Eric even the music didn't compare they just have that magic
  5. My mother dies R.I.P.

    So sorry to hear that your mother past. My mother has the same illness. She is still here with me. God bless you
  6. Perfect Pop Songs

    I love Eric's version better of let's pretend
  7. Lyrics, great ones?

    O my Lord that was great wonderful magnificent
  8. "Nights in White Satin"

    I would give a pretty penny to hear that version to bad
  9. Jimmy Fallon "All By Himself"

    I know
  10. American idol

    Anybody see American idol last night? One of the guys sang all by myself he needed to sing it like Eric sang it . Judges said it was to showy he sang like Celine
  11. Happy Birthday Teresa1960

    Happy birthday Teresa
  12. Jim Bonfanti: Classic Drummer Hall of Fame!

    Sweet sweet sounds
  13. Happy Birthday, Theresa Conner!!!!

    Thanks everyone