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  1. Smile

  2. Happy Birthday, Bernie!!!!!

    You're welcome Bernie. Nancy.
  3. Happy Birthday, Bernie!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Bernie! I hope your special day has been spent with your loved one's close and the crew show up here today to wish a Happy Birthday to one of the most greatest, funniest Web Master, Administrator and Creator of our favorite site we all love!!! Cheers, Warm Regards and again, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" Bernie. xx. :-) Nancy.
  4. Raspberries at Hard Rock Cafe

    And there he was, Eric, standing in front of me and smiling! No doubt a "epic" moment I will never forget and "Raspberries" were astounding playing live the day before! I love!!!
  5. Happy Birthday Susie b

    "Happy Birthday" Susie!
  6. Pardon The Dust...

    Ha, same here. We are in the mist of revamping this place too! Oh and by the way, I like kooks, they make me laugh and this post did! Looks real good Bernie! Thanks. Nancy.
  7. Happy Birthday, Marlene!!!!

    "Happy Birthday" Marlene! P.S...Mary Ellen you took what I was going to say to Marlene! Warm Regards, Nancy.
  8. Eric'c B-day card

    Love your post AND about Eric , Bernie and the one's who stayed....100 percent true Suzie. Thank-you. Nancy.
  9. Eric'c B-day card

    "Happy Birthday" Eric! Nancy.
  10. Eric'c B-day card

    Been coming here since 2009 and I still check in today! AND why, because of (Eric). It was "you" Bernie who said, "Interests make you interesting" and that's what it's all about here! Nancy.
  11. All By Myself Royalties

    NEVER liked Celine Dion's version of Eric's song not to also mention THAT particular song is one of my favorite's! End of story! Nancy.
  12. Raspberries Live On Sunset Strip

    Best CD collection I've ever owned and cherished!!! Even sweeter, Eric and Jim graciously signed my copy of it at the Hard Rock Cafe the day after the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame "Raspberries" LIVE show back in 2009! What a magical night and next day! And one I won't ever forget!!! IF you don't have it, get it, you won't regret it!!!!!! Nancy.
  13. All By Myself Royalties

    Great article! Think I read that article on here as well quite some time ago. Thanks Craig. Nancy.
  14. All By Myself Royalties

    Hi Craig! I do believe Eric himself commented precisely on this topic of royalties on that song a while back when he was on the board. I remember reading it but can't remember what topic or category you could browse under to find that info. Perhaps Bernie may remember and be able to be of some help? Nancy.
  15. "Hungry Eyes" Commercial

    Ha, Ha!!! Too cool BUT "nobody" does it better than Eric!!!