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  1. "Hungry Eyes" Commercial

    Ha, Ha!!! Too cool BUT "nobody" does it better than Eric!!!
  2. Happy Birthday, Pretender!!!!

    "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" Pretender! Hope you have a awesome day!!! Nancy.
  3. Just Curious

    Ha! I never noticed THAT before. I guess I was too busy looking at his face. P.S. THAT is a real "nice" jumpsuit he is wearing in that video! Nancy.

    "HAPPY CANADA DAY"!!! Nancy.
  5. Happy Birthday, Ira !!!!!

    "Happy Birthday" Ira!!! Nancy.
  6. ABM promo/demo?

    Nice to see someone else who has knobby knees too! Great photo! Nancy.
  7. Happy Birthday AnneNR

    "Happy Birthday" Anne!!! I hope you had a great day and got spoiled? Hugs my friend. Nancy.
  8. Happy Birthday Nancy Moon

    Better late than never. And much appreciated. Thank-you Mike C.
  9. ABM promo/demo?

    "Awesome" find not to also mention one of my favorite songs. I love. Thanks for the share.
  10. Raspberries - Pop Art Live

    "It" will be "wonderful"! Everything Eric Carmen or Raspberries always is! So happy for them all! Nancy.
  11. BIG Raspberries Announcement!

    Ha, ha, guys! 32 is a good page. I love those boys but I think I need a coffee now. That was tiring. Lol. Nancy.
  12. Happy Birthday Nancy Moon

    Nice to see you back here. Thank you Marry Ellen. Nancy.
  13. 20 Years of - Day 3

    Great Stuff!!! Also, nice to see some familiar faces back here as well! Yeah! Nancy.
  14. 20 Years of - Day 1

    "Happy 20th Anniversary"! And too our Creative Director, "that" is the most awesomeness, creative logo I've seen yet! Not to also mention "this" is the best site on the world web! Thank-you Bernie for all you do to keep it going. Nancy.
  15. Happy Mother's Day

    Thank-you Girlfan! I hope you all had a great Mother's Day, including the Dad's pulling double duty!