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  1. The Rubinoos w/Jim Bonfanti

    GREAT tune and always nice to see Jim still with it! Looks like it was a great week-end for all! :-) Nancy.
  2. 2015 Eric's AD in Japan

    I was thinking, wouldn't this be just beautiful blown up into a full size (colorful) poster as well! It's just lovely. Thank you for sharing. Nancy.
  3. Paul McCartney "Fuh You"

    Cool tune! Thanks Bernie. Nancy.
  4. Paul McCartney "Fuh You"

    Hey Matt, I've never heard of that song before but, correct me if I am wrong, but it reads 6:05 on the 45? Think it is the long version? Nancy.
  5. Paul McCartney "Fuh You"

    Well I just spent the earlier part of my evening watching "The Beatles" "How They Changed The World", true, but I'm sorry to say that that didn't change my point of view! Still like Paul though. Nancy.
  6. Paul McCartney "Fuh You"

    No disrespect for Paul BUT, I think he maybe the one that's getting old! Nancy.
  7. Rare Photo of the (Ahem) Week?

    It's your labor of love, your open book to the world for a very special person "we" all love. You've spent may days, hours and minutes working on it so "we" all can be here, share, learn and enjoy. I think the one's that truly get that and appreciate it are still here and I'd like to think I'm one of those handful's too. You truly inspire me because it is a lot of work and your dedication to it and too everyone here is timeless and endless! Thank you too, for all you do! Nancy.
  8. American Bandstand - 1978

    I just loved Dick Clark and Eric..."cute"! Nancy.
  9. Happy Birthday, Eric!

    It was a long time ago. I don't think anybody knew but you helped me through some real tough times and I think, I had done the same for you. You're still thought of each day even though I know you have moved on, I really think you should have stayed. You need to come back here because this is also you're place and people miss you here each and every day. I'd also like to wish you a VERY "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" Mr Carmen on your very special day! Keep well and stay happy. With Love And Respect, Nancy.
  10. Smile

  11. Happy Birthday, Bernie!!!!!

    You're welcome Bernie. Nancy.
  12. Happy Birthday, Bernie!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Bernie! I hope your special day has been spent with your loved one's close and the crew show up here today to wish a Happy Birthday to one of the most greatest, funniest Web Master, Administrator and Creator of our favorite site we all love!!! Cheers, Warm Regards and again, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" Bernie. xx. :-) Nancy.
  13. Raspberries at Hard Rock Cafe

    And there he was, Eric, standing in front of me and smiling! No doubt a "epic" moment I will never forget and "Raspberries" were astounding playing live the day before! I love!!!
  14. Happy Birthday Susie b

    "Happy Birthday" Susie!
  15. Pardon The Dust...

    Ha, same here. We are in the mist of revamping this place too! Oh and by the way, I like kooks, they make me laugh and this post did! Looks real good Bernie! Thanks. Nancy.