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  1. Your Favorite Duets

  2. Your Favorite Duets

  3. Your Favorite Duets

  4. Your Favorite Duets

  5. Your Favorite Duets

    I can't stand Frank Sinatra either!!! Just don't like his voice PERIOD. He's done a few good acting roles, but I prefer not to hear him sing --- YUK. However, his daughter's voice I kinda like. This is one of my favorite duets. AnneNR
  6. Can We Guess Them?

    The dark skinned guy and light skinned guy running into each other below the Octopus's Garden ---- Ebony and Ivory (??) AnneNR
  7. Tonight You’re Mine cover critique...

    It is very disheartening indeed to know that musicians/vocal artists historically---and maybe still---have no say so in how their creative works are packaged and presented for public consumption. As much as we might like to think otherwise, we are all from time to time "judging a book by it's cover", and this seems to be true of album art as well. I wish I could slap some ignorant personnel up the back of the head who were involved in doing such a rotten thing as how that album cover was put together without a thought to the music it was wrapped around. Since it is known Mr. Carmen didn't have anything to do with it, does anyone know WHY it was done? What was it supposed to accomplish? Or was this someone's idea of a sick joke? AnneNR
  8. Tonight You’re Mine cover critique...

    What IS the inside story ?? This seems beneath Mr. Carmen to be depicted like this. What / Who / When was it decided to go with this questionable effort ? As much as I like Mr. Carmen's music, anything on this album I would be looking for repeated on some other album without this picture on it. To be kind, this makes me very uncomfortable to view, and I am putting this mildly. I often wonder why if a musician or vocal artist is so very talented, why is it necessary to print your collection of works' cover to be this much of a distraction in the negative? Do they not think that the quality of their musical abilities are not enough to cause people to want to buy their music ? Does a really talented artist NEED a provocative/evocative/controversial album cover ? AnneNR
  9. Our Boy Seems to Have a Lot of Detractors

    . . . . not to mention pickin' on Mr. McCartney, very unjustified. AnneNR
  10. Again, no constructive criticism detected. Name-calling, really ?! Harsh, man, harsh! AnneNR
  11. Our Boy Seems to Have a Lot of Detractors

    Hhmmmm. . . . . no constructive criticism detected. Harsh!
  12. 30 Worst characters in the history of T.V.

    Watched a handful of episodes of "Buffy", but I found a good majority of the cast to be annoying, but was a tie between Trachtenberg and Allyson Hannigan. BLECCH. Full House -- yep, Kimmy Gibbler was one of those things that's not like the others, and again watched only a handful of episodes. Big Bang Theory - - - liked the show, Priya was a distraction; and Sheldon was supposed to be annoying. if the other characters had handled Sheldon any differently, there would be no conflict to try to get through or resolve. (But I would have told him off --Sheldon--from the get-go!) The rest of the list I mostly never watched (some I'd never even heard of) - - -considered it fluffy tripe and not what I wanted to spend my time on. Was interesting to note though, if these different worst characters were this hated, then they did their acting job right if they were supposed to be.
  13. Todd vs Eric vs Joe Jackson vs Ben Folds

    Were these guys possibly on medication at the time of this "poll" ? Where were their handlers ??! YIKES..... AnneNR
  14. Prayers for Wally

    I know it must be hard when a musical artist suddenly finds they have medical issues that could impact what they love to do. I really felt bad for Linda Ronstadt when she said she had to stop singing. If you are a musician, your musicality is a major part of your personal identity- - -so when something threatens to curb or halt your musicality in some way, it can be devastating. For those who use their hands as part of that gift, it becomes a bigger deal than just the potential of not being able to play an instrument. Your hands still need to function even when there is no instrument to play. So my heart and prayer goes out to Mr. Bryson and his family that they are able to get the best assistance in dealing with this issue, and that it gets taken care of to his benefit. God Bless, get better soon to Mr. Bryson. AnneNR
  15. John Travolta covers Eric Carman

    Eeesshhh!! John, not so good at the album thing. Sounds like someone trying to sing a song while out camping and sitting around a camp fire --- that kind of quality. Does much better as an actor, thank you very much. AnneNR
  16. Happy Birthday, Kirk... 2019

    Happy Happy Belated Birthday to you ---
  17. Disgusting Romantic

    Perhaps as part of welcoming someone new to the board, it should be mentioned that searching the different categories could get you into a dialogue that Mr. Carmen participated in ( ? ) I never had the expectation of actually interacting with Mr. Carmen (though I did happen to catch his attention a very few times in a thread when he responded directly to a comment I posted), I was basically hoping to hear things about him and his career, and album/song titles to look up. It was an added bonus and a nice little adrenaline "kick" to realize he answered anything I put up on a thread. I only expected responses to happen if I was entering his facebook account or something like that--- but I refuse to get involved in facebook, twitter, etc.---so it was quite a surprise whenever he did. I think maybe more than a few come back to check in once in a great while even if they don't leave a post to show they've visited. AnneNR
  18. Peter Fonda "Easy Rider" dies at 79

    My hubby was just wondering out loud if anyone was going to commemorate him by smoking a doobie (?!!) AnneNR
  19. Sheryl Crow "All By Myself"

    It's different, maybe it grows on you after a few listenings. (?) Harmonies sound a little harsh, could smooth them out a bit more. AnneNR
  20. Paul McCartney—playlists

    Yeah, I don't get the "this artist can do no wrong" mindset. I watched a program within the past year that was documenting John Lennon, and in one scene he is on his property (the white house with the big windows and white piano), where he is talking to some random guy that wandered there and was talking with him and Yoko at the front door. The wanderer was asking John how he knew to write some of the songs about him (the wanderer) ... how did John know?? John was saying he just wrote about his own experiences, and if someone found it could be applied to them, that's okay --- "but how could I possibly write one about you? I don't know you!" Then they invited him inside for something to eat. So, I don't think even John wanted to be put on a pedestal, so why do so many people worldwide do that? Or to Elvis Presley? Or to any other artist that had a mass following of people who appreciated the music they created? These are just ordinary people making use of a God-given talent that may seem extra-ordinary if I may not have the same talent, or the same talent to that extent. Don't get me wrong, I very much like Elvis Presley (but not everything he did); I very much like John Lennon (mostly the Beatle era stuff, but not everything he did); I like Prince ( but not everything he did ). Even though I recognize their talent, I refuse to put anyone up so high in my estimation that they become inhuman. I think all of them would like to be appreciated for their talent and enjoy the adulation, but in the end, they would like to have normal lives like the rest of us. How many of you have been guilty of interrupting a publicly-known personality in public when the attention for an audience was not scheduled? For instance, they are at a restaurant and you go hurrying over to their table to beg for an autograph and practically trip over your own feet and drool while doing so because you are in the their "presence". I have a sister-in-law who went up to Tom Fogerty (member of Creedence Clearwater Revival, now passed away) in public at a baseball game to beg for an autograph and saw nothing wrong with interrupting his time with his family to do it. NOW THAT'S ONE HECK OF A SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT!! My sister-in-law is not one of my favorite in-laws for this and several other pushy-type reasons (fortunately she lives far enough away I don't have to tolerate her but once a year). Many of our favorite celebrities would probably have a better time of it emotionally and mentally if the public would just cool it a bit. Some of them like the recognition out in public, but the ones who don't say one way or the other, perhaps they should be left to live their lives off screen or off stage without rabid fans dogging their existence. What say you? AnneNR
  21. Peter Tork dies...

    No, don't live in Connecticut, just was something I had heard regarding the 2 remaining members. AnneNR
  22. Peter Tork dies...

    Boy, do I feel old. We are down to 2 Monkees left, Papa Nez and Mickey Dolenz are going to be playing in Connecticutt somewhere shortly if I remember right . . . . We are also down to 2 Beatles. Times they are going by fast. AnneNR
  23. Island music

    Sounds a bit scrambled, unintelligible. . . . . needs some work, I think. AnneNR
  24. Paul McCartney "Fuh You"

    Even the best of them can't maintain all the time. I think he's trying too hard to stay relevant with all those potty mouth artists that think it necessary to assault our ears and minds with profanity. SAY IT AIN'T SO, MR. MacCARTNEY !! I like Paul MacCartney, he's done more after the Beatles that a majority of the populace can enjoy than the other 3 did, in my opinion. That being said, there are some of his songs over the years that I don't listen to. Someone should tell him he doesn't need to keep up with all these fly-by-nights in comparison to his career, just be himself. There's plenty of subject matter even just sitting in a parking lot and watching what happens (that was an observation from a famous songwriter, though I can't remember which one at the moment). Anyway, that was beneath his talent. AnneNR
  25. Aretha dies

    Such a loss, that woman could sang! Definitely an original. I loved it when she did a guest spot on the sitcom "Murphy Brown" as herself, at the piano, and started to sing until Murphy (Candace Bergen) joined in. Aretha stopped and told Murphy she was no Vandella (ref: Martha & The Vandellas), and basically to let her do her thing, then went on to sing "Natural Woman". I bought two of the best double CD sets of her greatest hits from at least a year ago now. Her music CDs will be in great demand now that Ms. Franklin has passed on. She will be missed. AnneNR