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  1. Peter Tork dies...

    No, don't live in Connecticut, just was something I had heard regarding the 2 remaining members. AnneNR
  2. Peter Tork dies...

    Boy, do I feel old. We are down to 2 Monkees left, Papa Nez and Mickey Dolenz are going to be playing in Connecticutt somewhere shortly if I remember right . . . . We are also down to 2 Beatles. Times they are going by fast. AnneNR
  3. Island music

    Sounds a bit scrambled, unintelligible. . . . . needs some work, I think. AnneNR
  4. Paul McCartney "Fuh You"

    Even the best of them can't maintain all the time. I think he's trying too hard to stay relevant with all those potty mouth artists that think it necessary to assault our ears and minds with profanity. SAY IT AIN'T SO, MR. MacCARTNEY !! I like Paul MacCartney, he's done more after the Beatles that a majority of the populace can enjoy than the other 3 did, in my opinion. That being said, there are some of his songs over the years that I don't listen to. Someone should tell him he doesn't need to keep up with all these fly-by-nights in comparison to his career, just be himself. There's plenty of subject matter even just sitting in a parking lot and watching what happens (that was an observation from a famous songwriter, though I can't remember which one at the moment). Anyway, that was beneath his talent. AnneNR
  5. Aretha dies

    Such a loss, that woman could sang! Definitely an original. I loved it when she did a guest spot on the sitcom "Murphy Brown" as herself, at the piano, and started to sing until Murphy (Candace Bergen) joined in. Aretha stopped and told Murphy she was no Vandella (ref: Martha & The Vandellas), and basically to let her do her thing, then went on to sing "Natural Woman". I bought two of the best double CD sets of her greatest hits from at least a year ago now. Her music CDs will be in great demand now that Ms. Franklin has passed on. She will be missed. AnneNR
  6. Steve Perry "No Erasin'"

    I have always loved Steve Perry's voice, and though it is still in good form, there's a little gruffness to it. Voice changing with age, illness, or vocal chord problems? I concur, though. This song is not very memorable. AnneNR
  7. Smile

    Thanks for that post, Matthew ! I RECOGNIZE that one! NICE AnneNR
  8. Happy Birthday, Katariina!

    Happy belated Birthday, Katariina. AnneNR
  9. It Hurts Too Much cover

    It is likable enough, but emotionally I don't think he is as invested in the song as when Mr. Carmen is performing it, at least it doesn't sound like it. AnneNR
  10. Eric's Tweets

    I don't recall which day(s) it was in this month (March 2018), but I did notice Mr. Carmen was checking out a few posts and adding his "like" to some of them. So he has come back to look in on us recently . . . . . AnneNR
  11. Van Morrison Segway...

    I just got through posting in Matthew C. Clark's topic about Van Morrison, saying that Michael Bolton did a better version of "Georgia On My Mind". Today, this morning during breakfast, I watched my DVR taping of Lip Sync Battle that had Michael Bolton vs. Pete Davidson (from Saturday Night Live). OMG! That was sooo funny! Am I the only one who didn't know about the group Lonely Island doing a song called "Jack Sparrow" ?? featuring Michael Bolton ?? Pete Davidson was in a "Michael Bolton" mullet-type blond wig dressed in a pirate costume, lip syncing that song while Mr. Bolton was watching his performance. Here's the Lonely Island video that was being spoofed - - - I really needed to laugh, this sure helped start my day with a smile, didn't know Mr. Bolton had such a good sense of humor! AnneNR P.S. - - - what is truly weird is that late last night I watched the "Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides" just before going to sleep. The timing of certain things in one's life is sometimes a head-scratching-pause moment.
  12. Van Morrison "Georgia On My Mind"

    I like this version better ( though no one still does it better than Ray Charles ) by The Righteous Brothers . . . . youtube.com/watch?v=bnotFVk9B4g AnneNR
  13. Van Morrison "Georgia On My Mind"

    . . . . . yuck. AnneNR
  14. Van Morrison "Georgia On My Mind"

    I JUST DON'T GET IT ! ???? WHY do some artists go ahead and record something that is soooo subpar for them to do? It's like when John Wayne insisted on doing a movie about Ghengis Khan, in which HE played Ghengis Khan! What a disaster!!! I like our iconic John Wayne as much as the next American, but his decision to play a Mongolian war lord --- OMG, so so bad. As far as the singing artists are concerned, doesn't anyone listen to what they want to include on an album for public consumption? Why do they think they can perform so poorly (in some cases BADLY) and think their fans will just bless the mess and buy it solely because of their affection for them? So very disturbing and confusing. AnneNR
  15. Van Morrison "Georgia On My Mind"

    They must be expecting him to do the kinds of songs that got him radio air time, of which this is not one, when they pay to see him live. Mr. Morrison should have thought better of doing this selection, and as I continue to listen while typing this, I find it quite annoying when he does those little spurts of rapid word repetitions. It doesn't help the song at all, in my opinion. Michael Bolton does a better version of this song. On a similar thought, I recently watched an AXS TV presentation where it was just Mickey Dolenz and Peter Tork as "The Monkees" for less than 30 minutes at some boiler house joint of some sort in Texas, I think. It was awful. It made me feel bad, but Mr. Dolenz has not taken care of his voice over the years. It has completely changed. So is he a heavy smoker? Is he experiencing health issues? Is it just not in his genetic make up to keep his vocal sound intact even going into his senior years? The reason I ask is that I saw a PBS special which had Jay Black (David Blatt, I think is he real name) of "Jay & The Americans" do an absolutely amazing performance of "Cara Mia", with the operatic high note being held just as long as he did when he was younger. That man is in his sixties at this point. He himself didn't think he could continue to do the high notes, but the more he was determined to try it, the more he was able to keep his re-performance of the song consistent with how he first performed it so many years before. I really have such a soft spot for each member of "The Monkees" in my heart because of how they were part of my growing up years as well as later on, but if they cannot perform like they used to, or come up with new material to suit the voice they have now, they should stop failing to perform the older material if they can't maintain a certain consistency with the original sound we first came to know and love. Since Ms. Linda Ronstadt had become ill, she made the decision to stop performing because, as she explained in an interview with Dan Rather on "The Big Interview", she didn't believe it was right to have people pay money to hear her yell or shout a song rather than sing. (Paraphrased). I have a lot of respect for such a decision, especially since I can imagine how hard it must be to stop doing what you love and have been good at doing for so long. So I will stick with the songs of Mr. Morrison's that I can appreciate (I'm not a really big fan, but I do have a compilation CD that includes the songs he did that I like on it), and likewise will only listen to the songs that I believe sound good to my ear done by "The Monkees" or their individual members. I won't purchase any recent material that might sound like what I heard on that less-than-30-minute showing. It was so sad to hear them this time around. AnneNR