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  1. Happy Birthday AnneNR

    Girlfan, always quick with the graciousness, thank you. Miss SusieB, your gift of finding birthday cake pictures is the best (purple is my favorite color !) ---thanks for the delicious cake! And dear miss Nancy Moon, I am glad to see you're still around and appreciate you remembering the day for me, I had forgotten it! Except for being happy that I made it to another year, I don't do too much for my birthdays, so family and friends are told "Just be good to me all year round, and that will be great." It takes the pressure off of trying to think of what to buy for me, and I have most of what I'd like except for the time spent with others. You guys have spent time wishing me well, and that means a lot, your time is as valuable as mine, so I don't take it for granted. I did have to get a new laptop computer finally (my old one with Windows XP,old Firefox version, and over-heating killed it) . . . on my birthday as it happens, so you could say I really got what I needed and wanted, and my Matt to spend the evening with me! Thanks ladies!!!

    Hubby and I saw the movie the day after it opened . . . and they gave Mr. McCartney more than just a passing line, he held a conversation with Jack Sparrow in the jail facility. They were taking Jack through the prison when he sees his Uncle Jack in a cell playing cards with another cellmate. It was FUNNY! I would never have thought it was Paul McCartney had I not first seen a picture of him in costume---they did a really good job dressing him up as a pirate! I am sure he enjoyed doing it very much, and I am glad they wrote him into the movie. When it comes out on DVD, I will be adding it to the previous 4 installments we already have in my movie collection. There are not very many movies out there that the whole family can enjoy, so this franchise is a very welcome offering amid a lot of crap in the movie industry, in my opinion. AnneNR
  3. Thanks

    MY FAVORITE SONG! I HAVE A MUSIC BOX WITH THE TUNE ON IT!!! My second daughter got me into an 8 week course to learn how to play "classical guitar" at the end of April ---so now I know how to read music on a song sheet AND know where it is played on the guitar. This means I can now read the sheet music for "Sukiyaki" AKA "UE O MUITE ARUKOU" sung by Kyo Sakamoto back in 1960 and will soon be able to play it on my guitar. I have been trying to sing it phonetically since about 4 or 5 years of age. Music can be such FUN!!! AnneNR
  4. Gregg Allman R.I.P.

    It must be difficult for Cher, Mr. Allman is the father of her son, Elijah Blue. It has also been said that President Jimmy Carter was to attend the services, he was a fan. AnneNR
  5. Gregg Allman R.I.P.

    I think I have lost counting --- there's Roger Moore (The Saint TV series, also played James Bond); Gregg Allman of the Allman Brothers; Actress Dina Merrill who was widow to Actor Cliff Robertson---and the other musicians mentioned on this site this month! It is beginning to feel like a generation of famous people are passing away. Who's next, I wonder? AnneNR
  6. Same title, different song

    That's too bad, I found it more amusing than anything else. It definitely had something though, since it made quite a few centavos for the band and the coffee company! The video reminds me of something Monty Python would have done. I'm not certain why clicking the little arrow on the video didn't work, worked fine just now when I clicked on it. Maybe something to do with your computer's permissions, or some such. My brothers when I was younger would parody this song, changing the lyrics into ridiculousness as the mood hit them. That's why I can only smile when I hear the song, it has a funny and a commercial reference for me. AnneNR
  7. Salma Hayek is All By Herself, Too!

    !!!! That was great !!
  8. Chris Cornell (Soundgarden) dies

    Quoted from one of the online reports --- "Cornell, 52, was found dead after performing in a concert with his band, Soundgarden, in Detroit on Wednesday evening. The Wayne County Medical Examiner's Office confirmed in a statement the frontman took his own life. It also said the family would be working closely with the medical examiner and asked for privacy." Another one in the music business passes on. Was this the 3rd one this month? These tend to go in groups of 3s, this is beginning to feel a little like last year with all the deaths in the music industry. Too sad.
  9. "I'm Just A Lie, NOT A Bill"

    This is something that should have been posted in Cartoon World, for obvious reasons and not so obvious reasons.
  10. Lady Guitarists, Name Some

    It might be just me, but when the topic of "guitarists" in general comes up, they eventually get around to who's the best, male guitarists are usually thought about first. So, in this game, try to think of a female guitarist or two who are more known for their guitar skills than necessarily singing, by that, I mean when you hear the person's name, you immediately think of how great they play guitar whether in a solo career or in a band or group. I'll start it off with the very adept Nancy Wilson, of the group HEART, and in particular I remember the song "Barracuda" and the energy the guitar playing emits during the song. Can you give an example of any others that you think of their guitaring first, and maybe any vocal skills second? This should be a curious bit of fun. AnneNR
  11. 1978 - What The Heck Was it?

    I remember Nick Gilder only because of the song "Hot Child In The City", it was played a lot during the disco era. AnneNR
  12. Same title, different song

    The song "Our House" by Madness, and "Our House" by Crosby, Stills and Nash . . . . these 2 songs were on another game thread regarding songs about buildings --- AnneNR

    Heads up, everyone! Mr. Paul McCartney is going to have a scene in the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean movie, "Dead Men Tell No Tales", dressed in full pirate regalia! Just saw a picture online that my hubby found. They evidently kept it a tightly guarded secret. This will be the only time Mr. McCartney has NOT played himself in a movie. THIS should be something to watch! I enjoyed it very much that they have had Keith Richards as Jack Sparrow's dad in the last 2 movies in the franchise. Hubby and I are planning to go when the next movie opens at the end of May, so this makes it that much more fun to anticipate ---- wouldn't it be nice if both Mr. McCartney and Mr. Richards were in the scene together??? We'll have to wait and see!! AnneNR
  14. Songs About Buildings

    ..... and a version of "Be True To Your School" from back in 1964 during a live concert --- AnneNR
  15. Songs About Buildings

    "Be True To Your School" by The Beach Boys (special guest John Stamos on drums) --- AnneNR