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    "Go All The Way" & "Change Of Heart" tied for first place

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  1. Tom Petty dies at 66

    Yuck! I didn't know it extended beyond the music industry! I don't know that "morbid" is appropriate enough a descriptive knowing what you just stated, Kirk. AnneNR
  2. Tom Petty dies at 66

    And I believe that makes 3 - - - - Monty Hall from "Let's Make A Deal" died; Hugh Hefner of "Playboy" Magazine fame died; and now Tom Petty has left us. Three celebrities. We seem to being going through a generation of musical artists these last several years that are passing on. If there is any artist still living from the latter 1900s that you have forgotten to pick up a CD that you have always wanted, start your hunt before they pass away next . . . . I had purchased one for Mr. David Bowie just a week and a half before he died, and the same CD I had purchased went up in value by 4 to 5 times the price I paid for it. Morbid fact of life: death increases music sales and the cost to acquire the music immediately after the death of an artist. Rest in peace to Mr. Tom Petty, and condolences to his friends, family and loved ones he left behind. May they find peace as well. AnneNR
  3. Record Sleeve

    That first one looks more like it was photo shopped ........ the center part looks like it has been super-imposed over the sleeve material. There's a faint white outline around that center part making it look like it was added over the top of what the sleeve was made of. The second picture looks real, no odd edges to detect. AnneNR
  4. Hugh Hefner dies

    Gee, I thought the man would go on for much longer. From what little I know, it seems like he lived his life with sexual activities as his focus. I guess he wore himself out. It will be interesting to see what his daughter who helped run the mansion and other business concerns will do now that the father has passed on. Turn it into a museum, maybe? There would be many who would love to visit a "Playboy Mansion Museum", though I would not count myself as one of the many. I doubt we have heard the last of Mr. Hefner, despite the fact that he is gone. His estate and business will probably continue to garner headline space in many a rag mag in the near future. AnneNR
  5. If Phil Spector...

    I can appreciate the instrumentation of this particular arrangement, and the voices are basically clear and don't sound off-key. The enthusiasm of the arrangement and musicianship is undeniable. The feel of this one, though, is quite different from the original, as is the feeling and emotional input of Eric Carmen singing compared to the lead singer in this group---the lead seems a little lacking in expressing emotion in lyric deliverance. I think they have changed the lyrics in a few places as well (?), which I don't believe was needed. Nice find compared to some other covers we've had posted before. However --- I, too, prefer the original. AnneNR
  6. Voice of Rocky the flying squirrel dies

    PM777 --- Because such things were not spoken of in the sixties and seventies by and large, and authorities didn't know what exactly to do with this type of thing ( family member molesting or attempting to molest another underage family member ), I mention it without apology when the information can be relevant to the content I post. Because it got "swept under the rug" so to speak so often back then, and no one in the family ( or the authorities for that matter, nor my church pastor ) wanted to bring it out into the open, it follows me the rest of my life in that I am no longer shamed or coerced into silence on the subject in general. If this was more info than you were expecting, I apologize for the quantity of verbage. I really only expect anyone reading the comment to take a mental note that it happened, and that I was not afraid to state it did, and nothing more really. Except maybe that it may somewhere along the line help someone else who might be afraid to come to terms with a similar life experience to mine. But I thank you for your kind words just the same, it is deeply appreciated despite my superficial expectations. AnneNR
  7. Hear me (Let me) Ou-ooot!

    Wow ! Our own serial drama ! Where ever will it take us next ? --- the dreaded Cliffs of Insanity?? --- the dangerous Fire Swamp?? --- or the torturous Pit of Despair?? Perhaps only the Dread Pirate Roberts can say . . . . hmm? Stay tuned for more adventure!! AnneNR
  8. Hear me (Let me) Ou-ooot!

    Which came first, the Carmen or the Rundgren? Clear case of "sampling" long before that was even coined as a music phrase or expression. On a lighter note, were the same "howlers" used in the two songs? Seriously though, Mr. Bernie, you've got good ear tone to pick up on that!! AnneNR
  9. Michael Johnson "Bluer Than Blue" dies

    Dan Seals of the duet groups "Seals & Crofts" and of "England Dan & John Ford Coley" did the same thing as Michael Johnson. It seems like their voices just lent themselves to venturing into Country & Western music. Whereas Olivia Newton-John and Taylor Swift did the reverse [ at least I think Ms. Swift is considered Pop and not necessarily Country & Western any longer (?) ]. Fascinating --- I remember growing up with youngsters and young adults around me who had definitive prejudices where groups, individuals and music choices were concerned. Come to find out after growing into adulthood and leaving the school rooms behind: these groups, individuals and songwriters alike were not so rigid in their likes and dislikes of different types of genres of music. I wonder if those "rigid" types changed after they grew up, or were just disappointed that the music world was not how they pictured it as naive children? Personally, I don't miss the "high school" people cliques for more than just this reason (music prejudice), as I couldn't wait to get out of the societal straight jacket that I felt my peer group was for the most part during my academic years. I do miss the learning environment, and wish I could've done more without all the surging hormones interference that all of us experienced during puberty. I wish we could have done more music appreciation outside of the classic masters and band class. Heck, a lot of schools don't get much music appreciation in any form any longer. More's the pity. AnneNR
  10. Michael Johnson "Bluer Than Blue" dies

    So sad to hear that, I really loved hearing his voice on the radio. We are losing a generation of songwriters, singers, musicians, and groups that had definite and definitively unique impact in specific decades of the late twentieth century. Gosh, I feel like we are seeing the advent of an endangered species! I think it was Gene Simmons talking to Dan Rather that said something about the music industry has changed so much, that the naming artists with true staying power in the public consciousness has just about ended somewhere in the late eighties or early nineties. He may just be right. AnneNR
  11. Voice of Rocky the flying squirrel dies

    THIRD !!? I haven't finished the first one correctly yet! Whatever you don't learn or get right in your formative years, you are doomed to redo over and over again later in life until you get it right. If you never really had a very good childhood, you might end up trying to recover that part of your growing up when you get to be an adult. Being raised in a household with 4 other troublesome siblings (brothers) with a 2-parent income that couldn't adequately provide a whole lot for us, and conflicting parenting skills (or lack thereof ) certainly made it difficult to get through childhood with your morals and head screwed on straight, and made for a slightly skewed upbringing. A person (me) definitely had some "homework" to do later in life! Then add to that a couple of child-molesting grandpas on both sides of the family tree, and you've really got a messed up environment to try and have a normal, nurturing, balanced upbringing with a loving mother and father raising their kids properly --- and not doing it with insufficient income or expecting government hand-outs as an assumed "right". One of the better things about my childhood was shows on television like "The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show", along with other characters like Bugs Bunny, Super Chicken and Fred, The Banana Splits, H.R. PuffNStuff, etc. I may not get past trying to fix my First Childhood..... AnneNR
  12. Happy Birthday AnneNR

    Girlfan, always quick with the graciousness, thank you. Miss SusieB, your gift of finding birthday cake pictures is the best (purple is my favorite color !) ---thanks for the delicious cake! And dear miss Nancy Moon, I am glad to see you're still around and appreciate you remembering the day for me, I had forgotten it! Except for being happy that I made it to another year, I don't do too much for my birthdays, so family and friends are told "Just be good to me all year round, and that will be great." It takes the pressure off of trying to think of what to buy for me, and I have most of what I'd like except for the time spent with others. You guys have spent time wishing me well, and that means a lot, your time is as valuable as mine, so I don't take it for granted. I did have to get a new laptop computer finally (my old one with Windows XP,old Firefox version, and over-heating killed it) . . . on my birthday as it happens, so you could say I really got what I needed and wanted, and my Matt to spend the evening with me! Thanks ladies!!!

    Hubby and I saw the movie the day after it opened . . . and they gave Mr. McCartney more than just a passing line, he held a conversation with Jack Sparrow in the jail facility. They were taking Jack through the prison when he sees his Uncle Jack in a cell playing cards with another cellmate. It was FUNNY! I would never have thought it was Paul McCartney had I not first seen a picture of him in costume---they did a really good job dressing him up as a pirate! I am sure he enjoyed doing it very much, and I am glad they wrote him into the movie. When it comes out on DVD, I will be adding it to the previous 4 installments we already have in my movie collection. There are not very many movies out there that the whole family can enjoy, so this franchise is a very welcome offering amid a lot of crap in the movie industry, in my opinion. AnneNR
  14. Thanks

    MY FAVORITE SONG! I HAVE A MUSIC BOX WITH THE TUNE ON IT!!! My second daughter got me into an 8 week course to learn how to play "classical guitar" at the end of April ---so now I know how to read music on a song sheet AND know where it is played on the guitar. This means I can now read the sheet music for "Sukiyaki" AKA "UE O MUITE ARUKOU" sung by Kyo Sakamoto back in 1960 and will soon be able to play it on my guitar. I have been trying to sing it phonetically since about 4 or 5 years of age. Music can be such FUN!!! AnneNR
  15. Gregg Allman R.I.P.

    It must be difficult for Cher, Mr. Allman is the father of her son, Elijah Blue. It has also been said that President Jimmy Carter was to attend the services, he was a fan. AnneNR