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  1. Choose a song for Eric Carmen to sing

    Cheryl, brilliant idea Eric singing my other favorite rockers tunes- Rod Stewart! Do Ya Think I'm Sexy... Sherrie
  2. Remembering Your First Time...

    Great memories everyone! Unfortunately I have never seen the Raspberries or Eric perform solo. . But I have not given up...perhaps one day I can hear E beautifully play that piano in person. Sherrie.
  3. Eric on the radio program in Japan 1998

    Thanks, Hossy! That was wonderful!
  4. Guardians Soundtrack Garners Gold Record!

    What's next for you, Eric?
  5. Eric Carmen Goes All The Way

    Wonderful article. Thanks for posting Bernie!
  6. Howdy From Texas

    Hi Austinberries! Nice to see another at Texan!
  7. New Girl

    Welcome Susie!
  8. Trans Siberian Orchestra

    What a seasonal treat! Have tickets for their Cleveland show in Dec! Flying home to visit family in Ohio this year. Looking forward to the TSO and the cold Cleveland weather. If you have never been to this show and have a chance ....go. Now where to eat in Cleveland before show.....thoughts anyone? Sherrie

    Hope you have had a wonderful day!!! Sherrie
  10. Prayers for our Teresa Please

    Teresa, hope all is getting better! Hugs!
  11. Welcome from Surrey British Columbia

    Hi Tammy, glad you are here! Sherrie
  12. Thanks, Everyone!

    You are welcome! Your song deserves to be in #1. Sherrie
  13. Raspberries Finished?

    Oh my...I was just looking for some type of vaca opportunity next April. Looks like I found it. How very exciting!! Will this be in Kentucky? Thanks, Bernie for taking care of a ticket opportunity for EC.com members! Sherrie
  14. "Awesome Mix Vol. 1" is #1 on Billboard!

    This is so exciting!

    Marlene, I hope your birthday today was just the best ever! Sherrie