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  1. Guest Sessions

    It's kinda painful to hear Eric singing stuff like this....sorry to say.
  2. Not Really Hearing..

    I took that file down, since nobody seemed that interested, and I don't want to get in trouble with anyone, anyhow, anywhere.... I don't need Clive breathing down my neck! However, we are going tackle remastering the ENTIRE solo album, just for fun. My dream to hear the album at it's best fidelity is about to come true! Next up, "Last Night".
  3. Rare Recording previously on website

    Julie, if you still need "Never Say Die", it can be found here: http://blademp3.com/mp3/37bf58_never-say-die-final-edit---eric-carmen.html Just type the CAPTCHA letters, and you'll hear it. Great song, and great additional instruments and production by an apparently UNKNOWN group of musicians (???) Read this: From 2004: "About six months ago, we received an unsolicited e-mail from someone who said that they had purchased the contents of an abandoned storage locker in Los Angeles containing a tape with Eric Carmen's name on it. We were told that we could have it and a few days later a very large and heavy box arrived. Inside was a 2" master tape with Eric's name on it and the title: "Never Say Die." Intoxicated with the excitement of having the multi-track master of an UNRELEASED Eric Carmen demo in our possession we decided that we could add the other instruments, including real drums to Eric's vocal and keyboards (what a concept!)" Whoever you are, fantastic job, and THANK you!!!
  4. Not Really Hearing..

    James -- (in particular) --- you asked about opinions about the sound quality of the CD, so I'll give mine.... I'm a HUGE fan of Eric's first solo album in particular, so I wasn anxious to hear the remastered tracks from it. Not to hurt Eric's or Mark Wilder's feelings, but to my ears I just don't hear an immense difference between the 1992 Rhino solo album and the new mixes of those same solo tracks. Slight differences, but not too remarkable. I spent quite a bit of time "A/B'ing" the two discs, comparing the two. I found the differences on one of my favorites: "My Girl" pretty minimal. So....I have this friend who has a studio, and I spent time with him this afternoon. He has pretty good ears, and has remastered albums before. Just for fun, he worked on "My Girl", using the Rhino CD. I'm really amazed at what he did. THIS is the "My Girl" I wanted to hear on the "Essential" CD. The percussion is now more noticeable, the French Horns now have more "bite" to them, the electric bass isn't nearly quite as muddy, and is now more present, and the background vocals aren't nearly as buried in the mix. I'm really impressed! My friend definitely has "EARS"! See what you think....: https://app.box.com/s/sm484bau6nf49dwwqrra
  5. My order for "Essential" cancelled!

    I changed over to Pre-Ordering mine through Best Buy....FYI... -dc